Spectreman? Who Was He?..

When He Raises His Right Hand The Fun Begins..


Pic-06162013-010Well to put it simple you had superheroes that have come and gone over the last few decades, but many people probably don’t have a clue about Spectreman.

I’m going to tell you right now, he was one of my favorites when I was a kid, but his show was on the air even before I was born ( Which Was Just Shy Of A Year’s difference).

And I didn’t know that it was over 60 episodes that was done for the show all together. Dam that is a lot of t.v. footwork indeed for the director, the producers, and the actors and actress of the show, because all of that was shot in one year’s time. Yea that’s insane work on the t.v. show set right there, so I guess that’s why stars of the show get paid so much mula (Money) you think?

But the idea of Spectreman is like this, he comes from another world so he’s an alien.. (Superman)

And he has some strange powers, he’s has some battle combat skills like Batman (So He Has A Martial Arts Background).

And the way he looks is a bit odd, he is basically a cyborg (So Part Man Part Machine) in some type of copper and golden outfit, and he has a helmet-like head with a pointed tip on top of it.

And it’s a jewel I forget what color it was, that is lounge in the forehead part of the helmet.

So he is quite usual looking, but don’t take him likely he is dangerous in battle.

Spectreman is also taking the form of a human, on the show when I saw it the dude that he shares an “alter ego” which was named George.

And what George would do to become Spectreman again LOL, was kinda odd going into the transformation process.

Pic-06162013-011So George would say…

  1. Roger!! (US version it’s “Ready”).
  2. He raises his right hand aimed at this Nebula Star in outer space.
  3. Then a powerful beam is projected at him, which forces him to transform into Spectreman.

From there as Spectreman he can stay at a human’s normal height level size, or become gigantic in size to battle whatever creature of equal size.

(Spectreman at 35 feet tall fighting a giant crab monster: right)

He also fights using shrunkens, which are razor-sharp and they are attached to his beltbuckle. He can then pull them off and throw them at his enemy.

He also has these blades that can cut through  just about anything, and they are located on his forearms that pop out as if they are spring-loaded and they are very sharp.

Now I never saw him use his sword or shield in a battle, so that means I haven’t seen all of his episodes on the show. And his gun I never saw either that is another part of his arsenal of weapons he will bring to the fight along with him.

He can fly, and is acrobatic at times in battle.

But the major thing was his finishing move in which depends on what or who he is fighting, he will wave his hands  a ‘certain’ way then come to a quick pose and

Pic-06162013-013can shoot proton energy blasts to put down an enemy for the day plain and simple LOL.

I even seen the one where he fights himself, and the other Spectreman was an imposter sent to kill the real Spectreman.

Two of his main enemies Dr. Gori and his henchman Karras, would always try to give Spectreman a hard-time. But Spectreman would always find a way to get payback on them.

Gori’s intent was to conquer Earth and take it from the humans, but Spectreman would always stop him and Karras from doing so. 

So there it is, I probably might have jogged some memories up in some of you guys about this forgotten superhero.

And who knows maybe somebody might do a remake of it only time will tell..


(Video Credit: AscorMovies)



Spectreman? Who Is He?..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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