Allen Iverson: And The Missing Children

Is Iverson Stuck Behind The 8 Ball Again?


Pic-06172013-005Allen Iverson has to be one of the top point guards in the basketball league known as the NBAAnd he has had a lot to deal with while in the league, dealing with countless frustrations but at the same time has shined like a bright star in his performance especially when he was with the 76ers.

But there has been maybe more downs then ups for Iverson, and personal problems that plague him are not just there because they are there. But more so that he has brought some of these problems upon himself.

When he first got to the NBA, and he joined up with the Philidelphia 76ershe pulled his weight and was a key player on the team’s roster.

And it seemed like everything was going great, but Iverson could only help the team come close to the next step of winning a NBA championship.

But it has never taken hold for the team and Iverson, then after a while his performance would take a nose-dive going south very fast because he was starting to have some serious personal issues in his life.

And usually no matter how great a performer may be, it’s just some things that are personal in one’s life that can affect them greatly. End result.. They start to lose their way in life.

Iverson would eventually turn to massive gambling, and maybe that was an escape from things in life. But it just makes things worse in reality.

After that came his alcohol problems, and this is very common for celebrities that are under tons of stress and pressure that can push them into that bad habit.

All to real alcoholism is a “big-time” addiction, and is not to be taken likely.

I had an Uncle that was battling alcoholism in his life, Uncle Phil meant well and tried to listen to his doctor and ease away from it slowly hopefully being able to “kick the habit”. But in the end he lost the battle. R.I.P  Uncle Phil.

Iverson also was going through a divorce with his wife Tawanna, 

So right there you have the big three all at once, that was in Inverson’s face constantly.

So imagine being him, and you have to try to put all of that out of your mind and play let’s say a playoff game, and it’s in Game 6 of a 7 series –do or die– type game. Yea that would just be a living ‘nightmare of torture’.

Then the top now in the headlines, is that Inverson has abducted his own kids?? It’s like a mathematic equation that never ends

yea that would push it all over the cliff, going way past the ‘fiscal’ part.


I like Iverson he was a great NBA point guard, and he did try to get back in the NBA, but with all of his issues it maybe too late for him.

Plus you have to look at the time factor side of it also, he is almost 40 so he only has 2 years left to play at a high competitive level. And before you say anything, LOL read the line just below this one.

(Robert Parrish played Pro-Ball Until His Mid 40’s I Think, But That Maybe An Exception For Some Players That Can Play Up To That Age).

I just hope Iverson is not in a bad jam again, I don’t think he can handle anymore obstacles that is overwhelming like this.

Maybe things might turn out ok for him, but so far it seems uncertain..


(Video Credit: pennyccwai)




Allen Iverson: And The Missing Children


(By: Jaye Irons)

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