Kanye West’s Other Girl Backs Away After Cheating Allegations…

So She Hopped On Her Bike And Back-Pedaled Away


Pic-06172013-001So this model Leyla Ghobadi had made some staggering comments about her sex-escapes with singer Kanye West, and after her statements were released into the social media high-winds and internet airways. It caught on like a fire starting in the California redwoods, and ever since then has been very hard to extinguish the flames LOL.

24-year-old Ghobadi is a model from Canada, and she said some things that I’m sure has West itching in his seat when trying to explain all of that to Kim Kardashian.

And the timing could not have been more off, because West and Kardashian had just had a kid. So I can’t help but to think about this situation you know, about how these stars get themselves caught up into something they don’t want to leak out to the public. And when it does, it just goes viral beyond control and the paparazzi will tear into it like Benny Hill does into a deep dish pan pizza back in the day.

So the story starts off at the concert that West had met Ghobadi at out in Montreal, Canadaand Ghobadi went into details of what happened that led up to the “affair” with West.

Ghobadi: “He told me that he wanted to “hook-up”, but I was concerned that he was seeing Kim Kardashian. He told me that their (Relationship) was for publicity and nothing serious.”

“He will never be faithful to one girl and has women falling at his feet all the time.” -end quote.

Those were the statements that Ghobadi addressed with the Sun paper.

And Ghobadi said that West had contacted her, when he said to her about his relationship with Kardashian was just for show. 


(Me Myself I Already Had A feeling It Wasn’t Nothing There LOL, Come On It’s Kanye West And Kim Kardashian For God’s Sake)..

Now with Ghobadi saying that statement, then you have to wonder how West’s and Kardashian’s relationship will be viewed now in the public eye.

West did fire-back at the allegations sating that they are false about the way he feels about his newly formed family, and he even said that the claims that Ghobadi is  making is ‘misguided’, and that it’s an attempt for noticeable press for her.

(LOL I Figured That Right Away, Money Talks, Fame Corrupts Yea?)

But here’s the thing about all of this..

You are a ‘celeb’ right, and you are in the public eye constantly.. So this is what I don’t get about stars.

Why do they get married, but then turn around and ‘hook-up’ with someone else on the side.. This even counts for celebs who are just dating as well.

Because the way I see it, you making all of this cash, dollar-dollar bill (People Who Will Look To Capitalize Off The Situation To Try To Either Make Some Loot Or Get Free Publicity).

So you have to know that it will be people out there, that want to get a piece of the pie. They will seek out the opportunity to ‘entice’ you, every time you set foot in  any place and anywhere else you go.

So if you’re at a concert, there’s the hardcore fans..

If you put on a ‘disguise’, but people recognize you anyway, there’s the hardcore fans LOL you see…

And they will do anything to get your attention, hoping that you will acknowledge them back, and once that happens.. That’s all it takes.

And that’s why you have the situations like Tiger Woods with Elin Nordegrenor Kristen Stewart was caught cheating LOL yea the sweet and innocent ‘Bella’ from twilight. Or Britney Spears did it to Justin Timberlakeas well.

Or even the situation that Micheal Jordan had fathered a son with another woman, and Juanita Jordan at that time went viral over all of that and then cried for the “divorce” papers. Even though that story by Juanita was tainted.

The list just goes on and on..

And think about this as well, and this is mainly for celebrity guys that cheat on their wives. Once they do that what usually happens next?

Well then the ex-wife gets rich, because in a ‘celeb style divorce’ money will come out of the “woodwork” immediately LOL.

But it’s all a cliché you know, how being a celebrity is rough. There is a lot of “temptations” that surrounds them 24/7, guy or gal.

So honestly if that’s the case, they shouldn’t seek out for a serious relationship from the beginning, and things should go way more smoother..

But it’s “hollywood celebrities”, you know that some of them will f*up sooner or later when it comes to a serious relationship.



Kanye West’s Other Girl Backs Away After Cheating Allegations…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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