3-Way Slice: Cosby’s Fathers Day Message (Late Son) / Navy Players Charged For Rape / Utah Chruch Shooting

Bill Cosby: Remembrance Of A Son’s Message


Pic-06182013-009Bill Cosby commented on the social media platform Facebook, about his late son Ennis Cosby.  Ennis was born in 1969 to Bill Cosby and his wife Camille, and was the third of five children, and the only son they had.

Ennis was smart and he did earn his degree at Columbia Universitybut he did have some roadblocks to overcome Ennis was diagnosed with dyslexia.

So he entered into Landmark College, which is a school that helps people to overcome dyslexia. This helped Ennis to earn his degree at Columbia. He then set off to pursue his doctorate at the Teachers College , Columbia University.

But all of that came to an end one night in 1997, when Ennis was going to visit his friend Stephanie Crane. That is when he got a flat tire on his Mercedes-Benz vehicle while on I-405 (Interstate 405) in L.A.

He then parked off on a ramp on Skirball Center Drive and called his friend Crane. He told her what was going on with his car, letting her know about the flat tire.

So she drove out to meet up with him, and when she got there she had shined the light in his direction so that he would be able to change the tire of his car. In the midst of changing his tire, that is when Mikhail Markhasev had come up on the side of Crane’s car and flashed a gun. Crane then took action by speeding off, and then turned around to try to pick up Ennis, but it was too late. Markhasev had shot him in the head and ran off before Crane could get a positive description of what he looked like.

Markhasev had worked right in the area of where Cosby was, at a restaurant he just so happened to be in the area at the time Cosby was changing his tire on the car and Crane had showed up some moments after.

Markhasev also had a criminal record in his background. He also is still serving his time at Corcoran State Prison.


But for Father’s Day, Bill Cosby just wanted to share some insights to what a great Son he and his wife Camille had. He also shared some comments on his role as Dr. Huxtable on the “Cosby Show”.

Bill Cosby: “I based the series on two important things: Number one… I hated those series where the children were brighter than the parents, and those parents had to play dumb.”  -end quote.

So basically other shows that were the complete opposite of  Fathers that were clueless about what was going on in their kids lives, were shows like “Married with Children“, or “The Simpsons”,  and other shows that make the parents just completely lost, but same time make the kids the bright ones LOL.

But I have to say this, in today times that has really changed a lot now. Kids are learning so fast it’s scary, and that is because of the internet and the information that is just there for the taking…

And believe this much, they absorb what they learn from it, giving them the advantage to learn many things good or bad in a year’s time as compared to the older generation kids that would take 7 – 10 years to pick up on. Yea very scary..


(Video Credit: DeathPenaltyCntr)




Navy Players Charged For Rape


Pic-06182013-005So several Navy football players are in deep “dog s*it”, after they were charged for rape of a female midshipman. The allegations that stemmed from the claim itself, had happened at a off-campus party over a year ago.

Because of the rape cases that have been stacking up left and right in the military, Congress now has decided to step in and help change the way it’s military forces conduct or handles these cases all together.

Congress feels that too many of the cases have been flat-out mishandled and overlooked, and they feel that now is the time to “clean-up” all of the hidden secrets and dirty laundry that has been getting swept under the rug.

So far the names of the accused, have not yet been disclosed nor any charges have been yet dished out on the matter. John Schofield a naval academy spokesman said that the names that will be given are going to be documented on file and will be investigated.

And the investigation will be led by the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, and will go through statements from the accuser and the accused that will go off of the events that happened at the off-campus “football house party” in Annapolis in April of 2012.

And the female that was raped after she had passed out and then woke up not remembering what happened at the party, was then told by her friends that 3 players had taken advantage of her “sexually” having intercourse without her knowledge

And the woman’s attorney will be Susan Burke, so yea they in “BIG” trouble all the way, because Burke is a very highly experienced attorney.

This case has also attracted a lot of “national scrutiny”, because of hundreds of cases like it that has blown-up all over different branches of the military.

And the number keeps climbing, it is now estimated that 26,000 service members have been victims of unwanted sexual contact. And that was just in one year’s time. Staggering number indeed.

Makes one wonder about the beloved “armed forces”, and all of it’s cover-ups and dirty little secrets..


(Video Credit: HotFues)




Utah Church Shooting


Pic-06182013-006A very usual situation that unfolded at a Utah church on Father’s Day, Charles Richard Jennings Jr., 35 had attended Sunday mass with his wife Tara Evans and her daughter. 

That is when Jennings had approached James Evnas, 65, from behind in the middle of mass and shot him in the head.

Now you thinking, “What in hell would drive this guy to do something like this?” Well the story goes like this..

Jennings have been in the middle of some serious family disputes that boiled over into the “extended family”.

And Jennings was also said to have but an alcohol and drug problem.

Yea red flag right there, maybe that could be the reason? You think?..

The reverend of the church also said the Jennings did make threats that were aimed at the family, and kept the details out of the conversation with him.

At the time of the shooting, it was 300 in attendance some kids that witnessed it all go down right in front of them.

And for something like that to happen on Fathers’ day, is very disturbing and horrific.

Rev. Rictsteig, that was hosting Sunday mass was in total shock, he said that people where there to come and worship God, and then here comes this man displaying an act of violence just out of nowhere.

The parishioners then tried to help James Evans after he was shot, and the rest of the church goes in attendance then went after Jennings.

Jennings then stole a truck from an owner of the vehicle, and later was pursued by the police. He later was arrested after the truck ran out of gas, while trying to get away from the police on foot.

James Evans is recovering and will have to have surgery after his ordeal that he went through. He will have to relearn how to speak and swallow all over again.

Gotta say for Evans, he really had a guardian angel looking out for him that day, because he is lucky to be here with his family after all of that.





3-Way Slice: Cosby’s Fathers Day Message (Late Son) / Navy Players Charged For Rape /Utah Church


(By: Jaye Irons)

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