Soda Drinks: Why Are They Dangerous?

The Soda Beverage Conspiracy..


Pic-06202013-003Now this is a topic that is just full of doubts and theories as to what is said of Soda Pops, but this is just weirdly tripped out but true about what soda pop can do to the human body.

So consider this, the body is a mystery just like the mind. And the functions of the body and important to be maintained by us, because after all if it is not properly maintained then we will get sick or something even worse could happen. 

This one theory or rather fact, about the adverse effects that soda pop can have on your body is detrimental to the max.

Now this is crazy but check this out if you were to drink just one soda drink in a day, and lets say you after you did later on in the day you decide that you are going to drink a 8 oz. glass of water thinking that you can cleanse the soft drink residue fully from your body’s system LOL…

Then I have some news for you, one 8 oz. glass of water, is not going to cut it.

Not even two 8 ounces glasses of water will suffice, it would actually take 4 bottles of 8 oz glasses of water to repair the damaging effects that just one can of Soda Pop can do to your body. Count em’ 4 bottles! 32 ounces of water!!

(Better make scheduled appointments for the restroom, because after drinking that much water you will be coming and going from there big time LOL)

Pic-06202013-001And I think that is a huge amount of water to consume, but the body is just weird like that. It needs to heal, and that is the price to pay if you drink a soda pop, that’s if you plan to flush out the impurities it leaves behind inside of you.

Soda pop is a delusional product, it’s made to taste good to us but it can mess up the functions of the body.

It can do a lot of damage to you more than you can even imagine..

Weak bones can be a result from it, your blood will just be ‘altered or changed’ on a toxic level..

And it is corrosive, which means it’s basically like acid going inside of you.

But what I’m saying is not to purposely scare you into oblivion , but you need to know what’s what about Soda Pop.

Now it’s not to say that you can never have one, but again the key thing is ‘moderations’.

It’s ok to have a soda once in a while, but everyday is not good! And not having it to the point that you are taking trips to the hospital every other day, because of all the soda consumption that will eventually destroy your body’s natural functions.

But it’s just something that you might want to think about.

And I know some people are saying stuff like.. “But life is hard I need something to make me happy or help me to adjust to problems I face everyday“.

That being said about life is true, it’s not meant to be easy LOL. It’s meant to be a challenge, and it’s up to us to take on that challenge called “life”.

So just think about what is said in this post today ok see ya.. 

Click this link to find out more…

Soda Drinks: Why Are They Dangerous?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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