Enter The Electric Man”: Cole MacGrath..


Pic-06202013-005infamous” is a game made by Sucker Punch Productions, and it is centered around the main protagonist of the game Cole MacGrath.

MacGrath was on one of his bike routes (He’s a bike messenger), and gets his life turned completely upside down due to an explosion that happens out of the blue.

He gets caught in the full blast of the explosion (plus he takes a huge jolt of electricity that surges through his body), but somehow survives it and he walks away changed after the whole event.

He walked away changed alright, somehow he is fused with the power of pure “electricity” that runs through his veins. This new power that he receives, turns him from a nobody to a somebody quickly overnight.

Now think about it, MacGrath gets these crazy electric powers. And wouldn’t he think to use them to get what he wants, anytime he feels like it?

He did at first, but he decided to use the power to help others.

But this is the thing about the game itself that can make a huge difference as you play through infamous (there is also Infamous 2” 

Pic-06202013-006the sequel to the first game.)

This is called “karmatic actions”, meaning that he can choose to so the right thing, or he can choose to do the wrong thing.

And there is a meter that can push a flow of electricity either up for (good choices), or down for (bad choices).

There is also a rating system that goes along with it, you have three levels of good or evil.

So for good it’s..

  • Guardian

  • Champion

  • Hero

And for bad it’s..

  • Thug

  • Outlaw

  • Infamous (hence the title of the game)

In the game itself, MacGrath encounters different enemies. Anything from thugs to robbers, and other people that have powers of different kinds that he will have to stop and take down.

He can also use his powers to drain either enemies or citizens, by his choice alone.

But he has to be careful of the choices he makes, the “karmatic” part of whatever he sets out to do will effect him and anybody else either for the better or worse.

(LOL that Zeke, he just doesn’t have any love for “Street Performers” haha)


He also has his friend Zeke, that helps him to focus his powers in ‘hip’ type fashion LOL. And even thought Zeke seems kinda of stupid, really he’s not..

In fact later in the game, he starts to design electrical regulators for such devices like the “ray sphere” that is a dangerous device that can destroy potentially all of Empire City which is where MacGrath and Zeke live at with tens of thousands of others.

MacGrath also has his girlfriend Trish, that he loves like crazy. So he does try to do his best to gain her approval when playing through the game’s story mode, but evenutally she winds up dying in the game.

But then again maybe she doesn’t, because it depends on MacGrath’s choice doing the game’s climax point whether he let her die to save others. Or he sacrifices many just to save her.

If you do save her letting the other people die, then she hates Cole for making the wrong choice (this girl is deep LOL).

But she rather give her life to save others, and she expects for Cole to save them instead of her.

That’s the beauty part about infamous, is the choices one makes that pans out your overall fate at the game’s end.

infamous 3: Second Son”, will pick up from where the events of Infamous 2 had left off from. And the game will be featured on the Playstation_4 console in 2014 of the first quarter.

(So Cole has a kid, but with who?) ummm…

Well I’ll find that out eventually..


(Video Credit: machinima )


Enter The Electric Man: Cole MacGrath


(By: Jaye Irons)

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