“Trigun”: The Human Typhoon At Large..

The 60,000,000,000 $$ Double-Dollar Man (Dead or Alive)



Pic-06222013-007Or better known as “Vash the Stampede”, and yea this guy probably has the biggest bounty laid upon his head in the entire history of shoot em up’ animation shows.
Vash The Stampede” has to be one of the most hated western heroes of a show that one could possibly think of.

And yet, the things that happen in his life are not all of his fault. It just that he happens to be in the wrong place at the dam right time haha.

You see Vash is not a normal guy, and I didn’t forget to mention his brother that is actually the anatognist of the “Trigun” animated show series.

Pic-06222013-010Knives Vash’s brother is hell bent on ridding the world of humans, but this is a big fat twister…

Both Knives and Vash aren’t human, even though they appear human they are nothing more then “humanoid vegetables”..

(Me and my cousin Ced was taking about it, he brought it up to me after we was discussing the “New Man of Steel flick).

Now bare with me because I did have a “Bud Light Margarita” (strawberry flavored), while we talked about these particular topics. So I’m feeling good, and relaxed right now enjoying putting this post together 🙂 .

(The real fun begins later, when I get back on doing my e-book.. So just having some fun right now shooting the breeze on a hot ass summer day basically while conversing the story out to you guys).

But most of you are like Jaye, WTF is a “Vash the Stampede” anyway?

Well to put it simply, if you never ever watched adult swim, then I don’t know what planet you have came from is all I have to say LOL..

Adult swim are the ones who show just about every dam animated cartoon show from family guy, to Sealab 2021, to Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

And these shows are not for the ‘kiddies’ I can tell you that now, they are “adult based” material that is to be viewed by adults late at night.

Especially late at night (I forgot Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law!!).

Pic-06222013-008Trigun on the other hand is more of a comical ‘goof ball’ hero type show, and the star is Vash.

But he’s not that much of a goof ball by far, when he wields his whatever type “special” heavy-handed magnum around. Then it’s hell to pay for the bad guys..

The only other rival that can match his “superior gunsmenship”, is his brother Knives.

But knives lives up to his name, because he can use his “dark magnum gun” (yang).

To Vash’s “sliver magnum gun”, or (yin).

Because Knives was the one who had crafted both guns, and these magnums are not your basic “357’s” types.

They are ‘reversed’ in make and model.

I remember hearing that they have reversed barrels (bullet chamber is flipped), meaning that their bullets chamber are upside down.

Pic-06222013-012Why that is, I don’t know but that’s how they are constructed.

Then you have Vash, who is described as a ‘literal’ devil in red, because of trouble that seems to follow him from town to town that he wanders through.

He accidently destroyed two towns, and it is because of a mutation that the gun can “manifest” to protect Ash at all costs if he is injured badly, threatened, or undergoes extreme stress.

This weapon that the “silver magnum” can shape-shift into, is like a mini-nuclear armament cannon blaster.

And when it goes off, the result will not be pretty.

At one point in the animated series, he destroys the “Town of July” and in the end result he had left a hole in the Moon itself from that weapon.

But it wasn’t his fault, because someone had pushed him too far in a battle.

And that was the reason for that, which had transpired.

The second time he destroyed the “Town of August”, because of a expert sword welding samurai Rai-Dei the Blade that was sent to end Vash’s very existence who had pushed Vash too far in a battle to the death.

Now all this being said about Vash, comes something else as well.

He destroyed the town of July, over 20 years ago. But LOL he is still the same age that that he was when it happened haha.

And it’s like a said before, him and Knives are not exactly humanoids.

Pic-06222013-011But they have plant DNA, mixed with humanoid DNA.

The thing responsible for that is “Project Seeds”, a group of human researchers that found a way to create human life by crossing it over with plant life.

(The “SEEDS” ship pictured right: Vash’s And Knives former home and birthplace)

So Ash and Knives both look human, but they are different at the same time as well from an ‘actual’ human.

So I think that they could be over 130 years old, but they look no more than 20 something.

Pic-06222013-013He is also followed by Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, these two girls that work for a “Insurance Company” that constantly tracks anything that comes up destroyed if Vash’s name is mentioned by any of the towns folks that he encounters on his journeys for “Love & Peace”.

He also is accompanied by this priest guy, who has a dark past named Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Wolfwood carries around this incredibly huge “street-sweeper” chain gun thing, and uses it to


help Ash out of situations or to help set right for what is wrong whenever they come across wrong-doers in a futurist but also “old-west” type environment.

So check it out below already… Later.



(Video Credit: Thelido)



“Trigun”: The Human Typhoon At Large..



(By: Jaye Irons)


Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is your strive for the best!

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