What Can A “Supermoon” Actually Do To Earth?

Consequences Of A “Supermoon”

Pic-06222013-001So we all know (well most of us) that the Moon, is 238,000 miles away from Earth.
We all should know that the Moon really has not been visited that much after a long snitch of time..
Many have questioned why that is, and I did do a post I think was called.. U.S. Planned To Nuke The Moon Back in The 50’s?” WTFrick?..


You can click that underlined link on the title to read that post if you like..


An rather interesting post I’d say, the funny misconceptions of a misguided America at that time trying to blow up the Moon.. Yea not smart.. Not at all LOL.

But this time the focus is distance, and what I mean by distance is basically what you will be seeing in the sky sooner than later.
So this is the time for the Moon’s orbit to move a little closer to the Earth.

Now don’t go and freak-out and go all ape sh*t on me LOL, but there are a few things that can be pointed out about this event that takes place from time to time.

Pic-06222013-002There is also a given name for the Moon at this point in time, which is referred to as perigee moon”.

And the total esitmation of the Moon’s distance to Earth at that point is at 90%, “syzygy” is the other term used to call the Moon with it is in a full-moon or new-moon stage part of it’s orbit.



But back to the perigee moon thing, there are somethings to understand about the Moon’s orbit and what effects it can have on the Earth that are of a “natural cycle”.
Some the effects of the “Supermoon” is this..


  • Stronger forces of tides “shifting effects” (oceans).
  • Inverse-cube law applies from “tidal force” changing conditions.
  • It can cause natural disasters of a magnitude level.

So yea it can cause a few things to get thrown out of wack.

Pic-06222013-006Earthquakes (plate-shifting Earth’s land structures), and Tsunami (are huge uncontrollable tidal waves that can wipe-out lands like it’s going out of style) can be the results from it.


The last Supermoon happened back in March of 2011. So this weekend it is suppose to happen again (not this is from what I read so if it doesn’t take place don’t get mad at me LOL).
I’ll just put a link to the article that will also give you more “insight”, about all of this then you can see and read more for yourself..
So if I put a little scare into about what a “Supermoon” is capable of doing, then my apologizes.. But it’s information that can be interesting and informative. So enjoy!..


What Can A “Supermoon” Actually Do To Earth?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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