Move Over Ernest, Pippen Goes To Jail..

Pippen Puts Up His Dukes


Pic-06242013-004Scottie Pippen isn’t known for being an “instigatorof fights, or he doesn’t really even get mad over too many situations.

The times I’ve seen him get p*ed off, is when someone aggravates him badly.

So flash back to the early days when the former Chicago Bull, was playing back in the 90’s.

And I remember those games the “NBA Finals”, when him Jordan, and the rest of the team would face off against some rough opponents.

And sometimes playing in a highly anticipated game like the finals, will definitely test someone’s composure when it comes to getting angry if they are fouled bogusly, or even just when trash talking becomes to much to bare and you might see fists of furystart to fly.

But most sports have that type of situation, especially baseball when the pitcher throws a fast ball and it curves into the batter.

Then about 3 seconds later, the batter runs out toward the pitcher in a ‘rage’ of fury, and starts welling on him like crazy.

But this time it’s a little different this is a situation that happened, and the end result Pippen winds up going to jail?..

And from what was said about his arrest, was that he had the ‘intention’ to cause serious bodily harm to whomever had pissed him off.

Dam so what did that person do to him?.. The story isn’t still 100 % clear, but the investigation as to why it even happened is being looked over still.

Meantime Pippen was released.

The incident was documented by the authorities, the location that the supposed “assault” had taken place at a restaurant establishment out in Malibu, California.

It was suggested that a individual ‘provoked’ Pippen at the restaurant, by taking pictures like crazy while Pippen was with his family dining at the establishment.

And then followed Pippen and his family outside, still taking pictures of them.

Yea I sure that caused him to get a big fat knuckle sandwich, up side his head.

LOL I know start have to get tired of others that stock them like crazy.


But like I said you have to really piss someone like Pippen off in order for him to really snap on somebody.

(“Classic Knicks [vs] Bulls” fiery situations in playoff series)

Even during those “classic basketball games”, he can lose his cool like once in a blue moon but very rarely.

But when it’s someone who is snapping a huge series of photos of their family, then yea it could be a very different senario. Being a star is is challenging enough as it is. Let alone being followed by someone to the point, that you would have to address and tell them to “buzz-off”.

 The guy was sent to the hospital, after Pippen knocked the s*it of him. So maybe that could kinda set the tone for others not to just go viral, because a star shows up at a event or wherever.


But hey these things happen you know, I’m sure this is gonna blow over fast LOL.


That is unless the guy wants to file a suit against Pippen.. Oh boy, everybody wants money right LOL…



(Video Credit: starks23)



Move Over Ernest, Pippen Goes To Jail..



(By: Jaye Irons)


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