“The Purge”

“The Purge”


Pic-06242013-001I didn’t forget about that post for a friend of mines Alex, that was telling me about the movieThe Purge”.

He told me that the movie was overall pretty good, but he did say the ending was kinda messed up and that Hollywood could have came up with an better ending to the plot.

So all I’m gonna do is talk about the “synopsis”, of the movie itself.

So the way this movie is centered is basic, it is about societies that have come to terms if you will on just about every aspect of life.

So things that make life a “living hell”, are purged from society. And that happens every year because it runs on an annual basis that the Government, had established.

So if you think about that right there, it sounds like the Government has adapted it’s own NWO (New World Order).

I just have to say again LOL, you see the “Government” is just evil you know.

And like I posted about the event that happened with the Facebook Information Breach that I posted just yesterday, it all has that stank of Government bullshit that believes it knows what’s best for us.

And we should just obey and except what they tells us, even though it could be a big fat ass lie .

There is a similar situation when watching the trailer of “The Purge”, where you see a family watching t.v., and then they see a message on the T.V. That announces the annual half-of-a-day purge, that will take affect.

So they are told to stay indoors, until everything is back to normal.

Pic-06242013-002So the purpose of the purge that the Government had decided to set up for citizens of the United States is rather of a simplistic “concept.”

And that concept is for any act of crime, murder, mayhem, you name it is allowed to take place through-out a 12-hour interval.

So basically, anything goes.

Now the reason the Government was allowing this to happen, was because of the super-low unemployment rate, and the fact that crime has almost disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Ummm.. And that got my wheels turning…

So isn’t it just a little bit of that similar to Demolition man?

Where you have a “rebuilt” society, crime is controlled, and the Government that was established by the sinister Raymond Cocteau.

Pic-06242013-003Cocteau in that movie was the man in total control of the Government in Demolition Man. And he also was the guy who decided to free Simon Phoenix, and releases a hardened “super-criminal” into a society in which he opposes violence?.. LOL.

Now why in the world would he decide to do that?.. Simple, because he can.

That’s what I’m getting off of this plot for “The Purge”, the only difference is this time the government is completely in control of legal and illegal sanctions.

And can just turn it off by telling people, something like… “it’s ok everybody, we know you unemployed, and you feel so much pinned-up aggression that has to stay “Bottled-up”. So alright, go out there and murder, pilage, or whatever the *ck you wanna do but only for 12 hours.

Yea that’s very out of the box type thinking right there.

But I think the idea is, if all of this crime takes place like that during a 12 hour span.

Then how many would be killed in the process?

So maybe that is the Government’s answer to it all, and they know if a lot of people are taken out. Then what will happen to the unwanted citizens that might be a possible threat to society, well they will be purged from it at the same time law enforcement would not have to be put in harm’s way.

The movie plot is kinda flaky I’d say, it’s kinda hard to go along with the movie’s plot as a ‘solid concept’. But Alex told me it is very intense, he just said the plot’s ending could have been better.

I gonna be looking for this one on CD, since Alex brought it to my attention.

Check out the trailer for it below..



(Video Credit: MovieSpawn)



The Purge



(By: Jaye Irons)


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