3-Way Slice: Chris Brown Accused Of Battery Again? / Robin Kelly Troubled / Jim Carrey Very Blues

Chris Brown In The Thick Of It…


Pic-06252013-001Well here we go again.. it seems that things just keep going down hill for Chris Brown.


After the Rihanna abuse pictures where laid out for the public to see some time ago, the media paparazzi has been having a fields day with it ever since.


But this time it’s a new problem and chapter, which has opened up for Brown. A problem that he really don’t need in his life right about now I’m sure.


This time a new claim from another female has come out about Brown, allegedly shoved her and she hit the ground while in a Anaheim lounge this Saturday in California.


Now if this is true, then you have to think for a minute.. Why in the h**l would Brown do something like this, especially after all the unwanted press that he got after the whole Rihanna situation that put him in the middle of the “hot seat”.


Pic-06252013-002Then you have to think about this girl that is making this claim, did it really happen?


Or is it just a scheme to pull some money out of Brown’s pocket, you know because it does go back to what I said before if you are a celebrity.


And people know something about you in your past, in Brown’s case of domestic violence with Rihanna. You don’t think this woman could be just making this claim up, not to say this “excuses” Brown because the investigation has to be conducted.


But it does seem a “tad fishy”, plus the woman doesn’t have any witnesses so far that saw anything.


I put them both at 50-50% until the case has been looked into, and then it will come out either in Gines’s favor or Brown’s as to who is telling the ‘actual’ truth.


But LOL this just stinks if you ask me, I believe this is like a game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey”.


And Brown is that donkey that is seemingly always in the wrong place and the wrong time..

(Video Credit: insamemrbrain5)

Robin Kelly “Joins” The D.U.I Club


Pic-06252013-003Kelly has been in trouble before, and she would have to go get herself into the situation of “driving under the influence”..


We have already seen this from a few other celebrities thus far, Lohan and Bynes are topping the charts with a mountain full of personal problems, recklessness, and they just don’t seem to give a rat’s a** about any of the consequences of their actions.


So why don’t they just start a “D.U.I celeb club” already LOL, because let’s face it everytime you turn around as of late what do you see (besides) crime, or murder.


You see a celebrity in trouble of some sorts, which usually involves heavy drinking.


But I don’t get it, you are famous but yet you turn around and want to throw it all away either drinking and driving, or dosing up on some type of narcotic.


Or family disputes that spills into the public eye, all the money you could want to have. But all the “stupidity” that usually follows not far behind..


So many people who are struggling, wishing that they had millions and to be famous.


Most stars don’t realize that, because fame is here today and gone tomorrow.. (Thanks for the quote Dave Bowie haha).


But for Kelly she now faces 12 months of unsupervised probation out in North Carolina, after she admitted to it in a court hearing back in Nov 2010.


She was arrested back in March 2010, for a felony charge after inflicting “corporal injury” to her spouse. Her bail was paid, and she was 


released after that altercation took place.


Then she and her husband both went to the slammer, for a “disturbance report” that was filed against them. They both were charged with assault, and later released that happened back in late 2012.


I don’t know LOL these stars just like to f**k up their lives I guess, really stupid if you ask me.

 (Click Here: for more on the former 70’s show star)

Jim Carrey Depressed?


Pic-06252013-006I’m trying to figure that one out, how is he “depressed” LOL especially after all of the goof-ball movies that he has made he should be laughing all the way to the dam bank forever.


But listen I think Carrey is a great actor, LOL despite the fact that he did that one song video “Cold Dead Hand” which got him ripped on badly on a late-night “movie/song critic show” on the WGN 720 AM Station.


But I’ve seen Carrey though the years, ever since he really hit it big on the funny famous show back in the 90’s “In Living Color”.


After that he moved on to making a lot of “comical films” like “The Mask” or “Pet Detective Ace Ventura”.


He has grabbed fame and fortune for himself many times over, and he has probably done anything that he wanted to do with all the money that he has made.


So what the h**l is wrong LOL.. I think I know this situation..


I like to call it the “Millionaries Blues”, yea that’s right you heard that from me.


Because it’s simple, you have all that you could want and need.


You have people swarming around you 24/7 (if you are brave about going out in public, and don’t care who sees you without a disguise) yea right? Am I hitting it on all cylinders, or what?


But for Carrey it was his childhood that was a problem, growing up and people looking at you like you are a alien or something.. And they think you don’t belong, so you are “outcasted”.


Guess what Jim Carrey, that was Jaye Irons’s life as a kid.


But you know what? I just didn’t care what people thought..


Pic-06252013-007 I didn’t let people stand in my way, constantly doubting me telling me “You can’t do that.”


But I think Carrey knows that, because he would channel his frustrations into comedy. This is what made him a star in the first place, so he should ’embrace’ his gift and not complain.. Because things could have turned out worse for him in life, so he is lucky to be the person he is today.

See this is what makes people great, if they can see it.


Just because people or when you were a kid, and others didn’t want any part of you.


Then I say to that… “Well no sweat off my back.” And I just go about my business, because the last thing you want to do is “kiss somebody’s ass” to be their friend or belong to a group.


In big bold letters now… I tell you..

Fuck That!”


Because I never would let anybody just talk to me any “old way”, and I didn’t hang around them for approval by letting them just shit all on me and walk over me.


Sorry not Jaye’s way.


But there were times I did feel depressed, because I was a kid then and could not understand what was wrong with me..


I got older and found out there was nothing wrong, but it was something wrong with the other people that came off that way to me.


Because I realized that they were actually the ones depressed LOL, about their lives so they have to find a ‘target’ and take it out on that individual.


Yea that doesn’t sound depressing on their part right?


I think Carrey might want to talk out his problems, maybe a friend. That usually helps.. But I’m not an expert in the field of Psychology, so maybe things will get better for him here on out.

(Video Credit: Eckhart Tolle)


3-Way Slice: Chris Brown Accused Of Battery Again? / Robin Kelly Troubled / Jim Carrey Very Blues



(By: Jaye Irons)

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