“Terminator TV Series Might Hold The Key To Government War Secret”…

Government Turning To The PS3 / Xbox 360 For Warfare Answers?


Sounds nuts right?.. Seems Unbelievable yea?

Not really, you see I thought about this subject for a long time. But I never touched up on it, until last night when I was watching a pretty great but short-lived TV series.

So before I say what the show was that I was watching, you must first keep an opened-mind, because what I’m gonna say will hold some

Pic-06272013-007truth to it if you sit down and think about it hard.

I was watching episode 3 called The Turk of Sarah Connor: Terminator Chronicles”.

And it was a part that Sarah Connor, had met up with this guy that works at a cell phone outlet store.

She went into the store looking to buy some cell phones for her son John Connor, and the android girl Cameron.

Now of course the reason she wants the phones, is so she can keep track of her son because after-all he grows up to be the leader of the resistance group that battles the terminator machines in the future.

But that’s not the focus of this post, it was a part in that “episode” where the guy named Andy that worked at the cell phone store decided to ask Sarah to dinner at his place.

At first she declined, but then she also was scoping Andy out for sometime without him noticing anything.

The reason for that was because, Andy had worked with Miles Dyson.

And if you remember him from the movie “Terminator 2”, he was the guy that had found that robotic arm of a terminator.

From there experiments would be conducted, and it all would build up to the launch date of the “super warfare” project you know as Skynet”.

But Dyson was already dead in the TV show series inTerminator. And that’s when Sarah had met up with Dyson’s wife, to find out more about Andy when he was working with Dyson on ‘certain’ test experiments involving that terminator arm and remember that “special chip”.

That was another piece of a puzzle in itself, that chip was something that could unlock the key to the answers about the terminator’s origins. And Dyson at the time had it then.

Pic-06272013-006But after going to Andy’s place for dinner, they were talking about his choices in what fields he was interested in for college.

And Andy because he was going into “I like Sarah” mode times 25 squared to the 2nd power, and started to reveal “secrets” to her.

He told her that he had built a semi-super intelligent computer (that he had in his closet at his place), and he called it “The Turk”.

And it is capable of seemingly making independent thoughts and decisions, on it’s own will.


But Andy told Sarah this next set of words in that episode, that made me type out this post. He told her that the Government uses “circuit board information processors”, from gaming platform consoles.

 Now I will say yea I can go along with that, and I’ll tell you why.

 There is a movie that starred Matthew Broderick, and it was in that movie were Broderick had got himself into trouble.


 That had happened after he hacked into the district computer system, to change his grade. But that wasn’t enough for him, the actual ‘trouble’ part had taken hold when he finds these “computer games” while surfing the net.

 These games were designed by this company called Protovision, and he gets tricked by the computer that didn’t identify itself of what type of “internet system” it is.

 So it turn out that it was a Government Supercomputer, and it then displays these games to him on his computer.

 They are “warfare” type games, but they aren’t really harmless games… They actually are real-time played games, and he didn’t know there were LOL.



So basically whatever actions are displayed in the game he plays or actions he takes, can result in “for real world” disasters and mass confusion amongst the military.


He eventually gets a password from one of his friends, that helps him to get out of the trap set by the supercomputer.


So back to that part of the episode, where Alex tells Sarah about the Government’s “dirty little warfare secret”.


He says to her that they use the gaming platform engines from PS (playstation), & Xbox, intelligence matrix that is linked like a data share of different games (I assume military type games like “Metal Gear”).

 This means that the military has turned to wargames on gaming consoles, for “better strategic” plan & execute tactics??

 Perhaps.. I mean everything else is viewed as a war-machine in the military, so why should this be any different.


 After Andy tells Sarah that, he said another thing that might be pretty dam true.

 He said to her that if the evolution of computer intelligence keeps going to the next level, then they would just be smart enough to over-throw it’s human counterpart that tells it what to do not to mention they would rebel..

 In other words against us”..

 Yea just wanted to throw that one into your head, and let it spin on fast dry like in the washer machine :-).

 But hey it’s something to think about, hopefully the government won’t tamper with something like that.. But yea right it’s the government, they always f**k up somewhere down the line haha..



(Video Credit: thestreamtv)



Terminator TV Series Might Hold The Key To Government War Secret


(By: Jaye Irons)

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