“Your Amendment Right” (Why Are Bloggers Denied Free Speech?)

Bloggers Should Have “Press Exemption” Rights!!


Pic-06292013-001So I saw this article on a thing called “press exemption”, this caught my attention pretty quick when I better understood what the article was about.

So think about this you get up everyday, and you might turn on the television or radio.

You then tune in on your favorite program of the morning, and you hear a story or issue or find out about a particular fact that you want to share with others.

So how would you do this?.. You blog about it of course LOL.

So keep that in mind, but this article that I looked through was suggesting different about our freedom of speech rights”.

Yea you know the one that allows us to have a voice in society however it may be, is being looked to have laws placed against us giving only the speech amendment to any other press media.

And you know that pissed me off when I saw that. I mean really come on we have “so-called” free speech rights, but yet at the same time they are being silenced which basically means that we can’t speak on any topic of our choosing.

And we might decide also to want to share that info with other fellow bloggers out there, to either give them a heads up or enlighten them about a certain topic of discussion.

My question to that is why?..

That’s why I did that post on Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Our Content?  Because this is what it boils down to.

Our first amendment right, is “freedom of speech” so that means we should have the undeniable right to say what we have to say in public, to the public, even if your are strapped and tied upside down to a lamp-post you still have the right to voice your opinions!!

You see like before I said it, when people start to think for themselves (in reference to their rights), and they understand that they can make a difference by standing for what they believe and know as a “united force”.

When they do that, then it is looked down upon as being out of line, stepping on some type of higher authority’s toes like the government, and the first thing that winds up happening is restrictions that are put in place to keep us in line.

Because we decide that we want to voice our f**king opinion on something, but we are told .. “No no now, you have to step back behind the white line and you are not to cross into the “Grey Area”.

So that means that the same thing goes for anyone that is an avid blogger like me, they even have a term that it is called for what supposedly the media (newspapers etc..) can talk about but we aren’t allowed to. The media has “press exemption rights”, that we seemingly “are not” allowed to have.

Pic-06292013-003So why is that? They have the right to talk about any issue that is either political, news worthy, any topic you could imaginatively think about..

But what is the difference, they have rights?

But guess what?.. So do we!!

Blogging is a way for us to get what’s off our chess, and simply share it with the rest of the world.

Information is powerful!! Too powerful at times for the government to hear and bear, so they want to shut down anybody that has something to say that might bring up some points that they might not want us to think on..

It’s rather funny you know, we have constitutional rights, but lately they just seemed to get brushed the f**k aside like dust swept under a dusted carpet!..     

click here to read the article I ran across..



(Video Credit: John Riley)

Your Amendment Right” (Why Are Bloggers Denied Free Speech?)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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