Swift Targeted By Cult Baptist Church?

Westboro Baptist Church Gets On Taylor Swift’s Back..


Pic-06302013-001Taylor Swift has been targeted left and right, and the most famous of them was the time when she was on stage to receive her award during the MTV VMAs event back in 09′.


That did drum up some pretty good media buffs like the paparazzi, who was all over that like a group of flies to 10 day old open box of “rice o roni” that has been sitting out in the hot blazing sun.


But this time it is starting to get rather personal, Swift now seems to be on the list.


And no this is not a guest list for a party, but instead this is like a “target list” which comes from the least expected individuals to go after a celeb in full force.


So it seems she has gotten under the skin of a ‘certain’ religious congregation, and it has been hitting the social media scene rather fast.


Apparently the target has came from the Westboro Baptist Church, which is located in Topeka, Kansas.


Pic-06302013-003So from what is known about this Church based establishment, is that these people are some type of “anti-intorlerant” group that does not want to accept individuals like Swift into their town.


The thing is they have labeled Swift, and they even brought up the fact that she has a lot of followers of fans.


So they are basically saying, is that they see her as a poster child for the “young whores”.


The Church even lashed out further, and took the phrase out of the good book and said..


Stop fornicating ladies, and obey God”, and they directed that statement directly to her millions of fan followers.


Wow the Westboro Church is making some strong statements about Swift, so I wonder what will Swift say about the “backlashing” that they have been dishing out to her.. But the Westboro Church is also known as a KKK faction-linked group, but they also try to uphold religious values at the same time..


I remember seeing a documentary on The Texas Chain-saw Massacremovie when it first came out back in 74′.


Pic-06302013-002And when it first hit the theaters, just about every religious congregation was in complete “uproar” about it.

They claim the movie was way too violent, they felt that it should have never even been produced and created, and they said that it was sexist in ideas, and that the idea of a crazed killer running around chasing and trying to hack up a girl was just perverted and twisted.


Now I watched “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (the remake I never saw the original, I only saw a documentary video of the original).


And from what I liked about the movie was the suspense, because here you have a town that knows about the killer that lives within it.

(Below Is An Example Not From The Movie, The Basic Depiction Of  Attractive Females Viewed In A Twisted Evil Faction Or Group Like The “Westboro Church”)


Then you have let’s say some young adults on vacation just driving through town, and their van or car gets a flat tire or something.


They then have to either get another tire, and they will more in likely have to roam through town to find a tire shop right?


And usually one or two of them in the group may see or hear something usual, LOL that sets up for the story right there. Because it might interest them to check out more of the town, but the town people might not be to friendly to want just anybody wandering around.


They might then run into the town drunk, that just so happens to be walking by while they seek out a gas station to get a tire from after they were rudely instructed to do by a store clerk in a nearby mini-mart store.


The town drunk might mention to them that they are in grave danger, and that they need to leave now, and not look back. That maybe true but they can leave only when they have the tire they need first.


So you see how that all lines up for a good story..


From there they see or learn something else while in town that they shouldn’t know about, now someone in town sabotages the motor in the car while the kids are looking for a tire shop.


They managed to get the tire, that they take from the gas station because it was empty inside.


So now they are definitely feeling unwelcome, and they think maybe the crazed drunk is right that they just came across.


That’s when they hear a very loud church bell in the distant sound off ringing..


Then people all of a sudden run indoors and lock themselves inside while the “the killer” is dispatched to go after the kids and take them out, and yes it will be very gruesome and violent in the way the killer chooses to do his work.


And lastly the visiting group has 5 pretty girls in it, and as the scene plays on a woman screams out from her bedroom window.. Kill the unclean whores!”  LOL and the thing is they don’t even know these girls, so they assume all types of things about them.


Now if a movie like that was out back in the 70’s, your “classic slash” flick it would get hammered by religious congregations no doubt.


But today it’s like a dime a dozen that you have movie like that, and celebrities today are more likely to be criticized for what they wear or say etc.. But LOL today not too many people jump the gun on stuff like that, because we see these things everyday on t.v. or hear celebrity news on the radio etc…


But I don’t judge people myself, because they way I see it..


Doesn’t God judge us? And not others?..


I don’t think the Westboro Church, has thought about that clearly? Because the thing that they seem to be promoting, is pure hate. They have been making statements about anybody that is of any color, race, sex, sexual preference and creed. So My question is what makes them better then anybody else?.. Plus they are aligned with the KKK for God’s sake, so how can they judge anybody LOL.


So maybe before they say that about Taylor Swift, they should get to know her at least first before making assumptions.. But that’s not gonna happen, because they already passed judgement on her LOL. Man people need to stop trying to judge others and mind their own business is what I say..


(Video Credit: Rep Baltimore)

Swift Targeted By Cult Baptist Church?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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