Putin Will Grant “Political Asylum” To Snowden?

Putin Hashes Out A Ultimatum To Snowden


Pic-07022013-004Vladimir Putin has put his foot down hard, and unfortunately the one on the receiving end is one individual by the name of Edward Snowden.

Snowden (a former CIA agent) had did the one thing that he should have considered not to do against the U.S., and now he is on the run fearing that the U.S. will go after him.

And that was to trade secrets from the United States, the information that he had released just before he left the U.S. were considered “top secret” in which involved some type of U.S. surveillance or a spy monitor program that was deemed hush-hush.

Snowden now is reportedly hiding out in Hong Kong, Japan, has checked out of his hotel room this Monday.

He is on the run, and is moving form location to location to keep his whereabouts secret. And that is where Putin comes in to offer Snowden a gift, LOL no not a early Christmas gift.

Pic-07022013-002Putin has offered the guy  political asylum”, meaning that he will placed in an “no tell anybody” location. 

So over the years, there have been people that have been offered “political asylum”, and that is because of the crimes that they have committed that weighs heavy to the circumstances. 

So I did a little digging of the term “political asylum”, and what one would have to do to escape “certain” execution because of what they have done in society. 

One example was Assata Shakurat the time this young lady was involved in the Black Panther Party“. The organization had fought for the civil rights of blacks back in the late 60’s until the early 80’s when it disbanded.

She then became associated with the Black Liberation Army“, and that is where she became a very wanted individual because of a series of crimes that she committed.

She was slapped with a $2 million dollar, bounty on her head to anybody who give details and leads to her whereabouts.

And she was wanted for murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, bank robbery, and kidnapping. 

So things like that, yea would put you in a very bad disposition. Oh yea and the kicker, she is the step-aunt of the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur

But she was granted “political asylum”, and the last thing about where she is living now was said to be somewhere in Cuba. 

So in the case of Snowden, and his crime of releasing “top secret” information about the U.S. government‘s monitoring of phone records and the internet.

He has to stay on the run, because of a crime like that honestly he might not be around too long if they were to get a hold of him if he was still on U.S. soil.

So that is where Putin had stepped into all of this, and offered Snowden political asylum after leaking information about the U.S. to who knows what.

But I’m thinking maybe other super-power countries would definitely be interested in the U.S. tactics of “surveillance”.

You don’t think that the U.S. wouldn’t jump on that?..


LOL of course they would, and they would probably offer that person the same thing offer that Putin has to Snowden.

“All is fair in love & war”, that is the old saying…

And because of all the commotion, now the government has taken the steps to monitor the “social medias” like it’s no tomorrow.

That means that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the social media crew are going to get analized (not analyzed LOL, well that to but anal probed is even better said) in terms of up-close and personal surveillance.

LOL boy what a great country we live in huh?..

Well just something you might wanted to hear about, and like I said how the social medias are just puppets on a string.

And the governemnt is the Puppet Master, pulling those strings. Hard..

Stay tuned to more about Snowden on the net, because more is yet to come I’m pretty dam sure of that.. 


(Video Credit: thetejadas2)

Putin Will Grant “Political Asylum” To Snowden?


(By: Jaye Irons)


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