Pluto’s New Guests..

Pluto’s Secret..


 Pic-07032013-001Ok for many years now, I thought that Pluto was “all alone”. But I was misinformed about the tiny planet, that sometimes crosses through the orbit of it’s neighboring planet Neptune.


One other thing that was just crazy about Pluto, was that I didn’t know that it had an atmosphere..

(A series of “larger” planets look down on the dwarf planet pictured left “Poor Pluto”)

LOL I used to think it was an “escaped moon” of Neptune’s, so wrong again for me on the second- time.


But this is something else I didn’t know about the “mysterious” planet, Pluto has been busy in the terms of collecting things into it’s orbit.


It is reported that Pluto has five moons, in it’s orbit?..


Ok so now I am officially lost about everything I thought I knew about the dwarf-sized planet that crosses in and out of our solar system, because of it’s ridiculously wide orbit it travels on.


Pic-07032013-003The moons have names and they are..

  1. Hydra

  2. Charon

  3. Nix

  4. P4 (Kerberos)

  5. P5 (Styx)

So far the newest of the moons is P4 & P5, are very small in diameter. One of them is estimated to be 8-21 miles from left to right (in width).


And here I was thinking that Pluto was all to itself haha.


The names of the two moons was seemingly a battle for debate, most wanted to go with names like Vulcan..


Which jokingly people kept hinting that this could be the home-planet to Mr. Spock of the “U.S.S. Enterprise”, and the other that was up for debate was the name Romulus (Romulans an alien race from the Star Trek series) for the other new moon.


Both had lost to the chosen mythological names Kerberos & Styx.


The greek version for the 3-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades



Is the name of the river that separates the living from the dead  

William Shatner was the one LOL who voted for the moon to be name “Vulcan”, but it seems that was not going to roll-over well with moon naming critics (probably Star Wars fans) all too well…

But hey it’s planet Pluto, and apparently it has been having some company…


Which makes you think… What the h**l else is that planet hiding?..


They did say that Mars might have had “martian mice”, a long time ago? LOL where’s the inter-galactic exterminator space-suit guy when you need one.

(Video Credit: NMANewsDirect)

Pluto’s New Guests.


(By: Jaye Irons)

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