2014 Olympics Targeted By Chechen Islamist Rebels.

No Play Ground Rules Apply For The 2014 Olympics


Pic-07042013-007Don’t terrorist get enough?.. I guess not, because now there is a even bigger threat then the situation that took place in the Boston Marathon massacre that had left people simply devastated.


A new terror awaits, and this time the claim is coming from a Chechen rebel.


Doku Umarov for some apparent reason, is making the claims that the 2014 Olympics will have to watch it’s back because he is planning some sort of ‘terrorist scheme’ to keep the event from taking place.


But this is not America’s worry, this is aimed at the Kremlin..


Pic-07042013-008Vladamir Putin has some bad blood it seems with Umarov but he isn’t worried, because he is looking for the games to take place anyway.


(I told you before this guy has the ‘comical funny-bones’ of Batman), so yea “no laughter for him”.


Putin has put an estimated $51 billion dollars, into what is like his “special project”.


And if it is a success, it could very well put him high up on a pedestal in the history of a country’s presidency.


Well that is if Umarov and his rebel army, doesn’t spoil Putin’s plan of the future event.


That’s right Umarov is going to do this at the Olympics that is to be held in Russia, to be exact the location is to be at Black Sea resort of Sochi.


The resort is said to be one of the finest beach resorts in Russia, so yea if Umarov plan does go down like he says at the 2014 Olympics it could make Putin look well… Bad LOL.


But it also brings up the focus on Umarov himself.. He is known as the Osama bin- Laden, of Russia a over the top hardened terrorist that in 2011 was responsible for the killing of 30 people due to a bombing attack at the Moscow Airport.


Sounds like Putin has a lot to think about.. Especially if he plans to make the ‘go ahead’ for the plans to put together the 2014 Olympic 

Pic-07042013-009event next year.


And Umarov made it known to his “militia army” to not to endanger (not to target) any of the civilians that are going to attend the event.


So the Russian government will “beef-up” security to the max, in ensuring that Umarov and his terrorist army does not prevail in stopping the famous world event.

And also to touch up on the Boston Marathon tragedy, the two brothers that had staged the bombing attack had spent 6 months out in Dugestan, Russia.


And that is an Islamic state, which is under constant attacks daily ranging from shootings, to deadly bombings.


Pic-07042013-010And Umarov is supposedly behind the attacks. So did the Tsarnaev brothers, conspire and plan the attack for the Boston marathon by orders from Umarov?..


Who knows.. Maybe that could have been the case, but Umarov I’m sure is not going to admit to that.. Terrorist usually lie about being responsible for any act of terror, that always seems to hold up to any truth that might ‘actually’ come out of their mouth.


 Well the stage is set for Putin, and he has to live up the the ‘hype’ of making sure the 2014 Olympics is a “success”. Because if not, it could really hurt him in terms of presidential

support from his citizens.



2014 Olympics Targeted By Chechen Islamist Rebels.


(By: Jaye Irons)

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