Skype Call Interrupts Witness For Zimmerman Testimony?..

Professor Interrupted…


Pic-07042013-001So during the Zimmerman trial, a “witness was called in via on “Skype” for key testimonial details to the case.


A professor Scott Pleasants was set to testify and add his comments to the case while on the social media platform (professor called in through Skype), when a series of “prank” calls notifications and alerts that interrupted the trial.


Judge Debra Nelson was at least to say “not pleased” with the interruption, had then ordered the both the witness and the prosecutor that was asking him questions to “hang up the phone!”


Now I have to say, this just seems like an orchestrated plan that someone had in mind to do during the trial.


And because of all the commotion, the professor could not be heard by the judge clearly as he laid down his knowledge and facts to the 



The call was even being video broadcasted in the courtroom, but it was blurred by the continuous prank calls that just kept flooding in.


Even Mark O’Mara Zimmerman’s attorney had suggested that they were being toyed with during the trial, so maybe he is suggesting that a prankster with some type of ‘internet savvy’ could be the culprit behind all of this.


Also makes you think, is it someone that Zimmerman knows?..


Maybe.. Maybe not..


And it might have been just very dam consequential that every time the professor was going to give his side of the story to the case, calls just start up and silly s**t happens in the courtroom.


But later the problem might have reared itself out, because the call that the professor was making was on the Skype account of Assistant

Pic-07042013-003 State Attorney Richard Mantei.


And the problem was this, Mantei’s user ID was being displayed on a computer screen and the phone number that the professor had been contacted on Mantei’s skype account.


As a result calls started to flood in during the professor’s testimony, because random people was able to view the phone number on the screen and they decided to prank call during the “trail’s session”.


That is when judge Nelson had order for Mantei to hang up the phone. Mantei did try to explain the reason for the calls during the testimony, but Judge Nelson was done for the day on that note.


Now this is the only thing I can say that screwed Mantei up during the trial today..


He must not have gone to his menu screen on skype, and he probably don’t know how to set the call options on the menu that is displayed in a part of the site.


So if you don’t have that set LOL, then you will be getting calls from pranksters all day long.


I know the judge was hot after that, no doubt indeedly p’ed off.


But LOL Mantei might not be all that savvy about website option settings like what you can do on Skype.


Really this could have been avoided, all Mantei had to do was maybe look on YouTube when he created the account first (if he took the time to look up the options of what he could do with Skype).


And maybe it might mention after surfing through a few videos, sometimes you might have to.


And it would probably talk about Call feature settings, that you can set for personal calls or something like that.


Pic-07042013-005Or common sense might even “dictate”, that one should do that in case of an important call LOL.


In this case the testimony from a witness guest for the Zimmerman trial, you would think he would realize that but seemingly that slipped his mind… Oh well. We’re only human right?

That’s what Robocop would probably say… 🙂

Skype Call Interrupts Witness For Zimmerman Testimony?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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