“Lipps, Inc”

“Won’t You Take Me To Funkytown!”


Pic-07052013-003Was a very popular music group that had formed back in the late 70’s. Now right off I didn’t really know who they were, and it cause a lot of confusing to figure out just who in the h**l are these people that was in this popular group.


Lipps Inc. was on he “brink” of starting a new type of music that was leaning in the direction of pop culture music, but it still had resonance of the “classic disco” style type sounds to their songs.


At that time “pop music was new and not really explored. Other musical artists like Micheal Jackson, Madonna, and some others would later bring it out more into the “mainstream” of the music industry.


But in the late 70’s it was still the Disco Era”, and pop wasn’t quite ready to be fully integrated into the music world just yet.


But Lipps Inc was put together by Steve Greenberg, who did all of the producing plus wrote all of the group’s hit songs.

Cynthia Johnson was the group’s lead singer, and she also played the saxophone.



Their first released album was back in 1980 which was called Mouth to Mouth”, and the very popular song that hit theBillboard Top 100was calledFunkytownwhich stayed on top of the music charts for a month’s time.


From that single-hit song, they had earned a platinum record.


And a lot of people didn’t know this about the title of the group’s name, Lipps Inc is a hidden meaning to that name which is “lip sync”.


Even I didn’t know that myself, so I did a little digging and ran across that piece of info.


The other songs that they had released, didn’t do as well as their top hit one’s.

The only other big hit song that they came out with was called Rock it”, which had come out a year before their album debut Mouth to Mouth”.


They had other songs as well that were singles that they had done…

  • Designer Music

  • All Night Dancing

  • How Long

  • Jazzy”

  • There They Are

  • Tight Pair

  • Addicted To The Night

  • Hold Me Down

  • Choir Practice

  • Hit The Deck

  • Does Anybody Know

  • Power

  • Gossip Song

LOL looks like they were pretty busy cutting the tracks back then.


And they had a total of 5 albums, that they had released up until they disbanded in 1985.


So take a listen to the most popular of their songs Funkytownenjoy.

 (Video Credit: alekosAthens)

 “Lipps, Inc


(By: Jaye Irons)

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