“Samurai Champloo”

“She Searching For the Samurai That Smells Like Sunflowers”


Champloo3Samurai Champloo is a Japanese anime that came out in 2005, it was rather comical and it depicts the story of three youths that are roaming the countryside in the “edo period” in China back in it’s early days.


The story starts off with a young girl named Fuu, that is working in a tea shop as a waitress.


A group of unruly samurai come in and starts trouble with her, Mugen a seemingly “independent” outsider and Jin a “stoic” traveler, then comes to help her out in a bad situation.


They defeat the samurai group, and Fuu then realizes that Mugen and Jin could probably assist her in a “quest” that she could not endure alone.


She then tells them that she is looking for the Samurai that smells like sunflowers”.


Pic-07062013-004Mugen then revokes against her offer, believing in his own quest to continue on doing what he wants.


And Jin pretty much does the same, after she asked for his help as well.


Fuu then gets pissed off…


But after defeating the band of samurai warriors, Mugen then turns to attack Jin, because he sees Jin as a worthy opponent in battle.


The two then clash in battle, all the while Fuu watches the fight take place.


She is further annoyed as she manages to get them to finally stop fighting, and again tries to enlist them to help her on her quest.


And as they finally come to an agreement about going together on Fuu’s adventure, they come across other enemies, crazy situations, & usually ending in comical distress.


They are always “broke”, and in one of the episodes they had broken a law not having enough currency to pass through this “particular” check point, and they are then captured and offered an ultimatum in order to survive certain death for breaking the “check-point” crossing rule.


Mugen was to take a “human head”, to be delivered by request and it was to be done in a time limit.


If he returns in time then Fuu & Jin, would then be spared imminent execution.


Along Mugen’s journey task, he is faced with ridiculous obstacles, and throat-cut bandits that will do anything to keep him from crossing through their territory while at the same time the check-point guard tags along behind Mugen to make sure that he doesn’t meet his demise at the hand of the bandits.


Though out situations like this in the anime-show comedy Mugen, Jin, or Fuu, might cuss due to hilarious positions they might be forced into or get into an unnecessary “dispositions” that just gets laughingly out of hand, and they have to find a way out of very tough situation at that point.


But it is just a great show, it also adopts a “hip-hop” combined with “old school traditional Chinesetype feel to it.


One of my favorite episodes, was the one that Mugen faces off against this crazy “lunatic” named Shoryu that had this fighting style with his sword called “the armor piercer” which was a very dangerous “wind-slicing attack” that can cut like wind.

So go and check it out below…


(Video Credit: WHATISUTUBE)



 “Samurai Champloo

(By: Jaye Irons)

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