Bulls Knocking Over Runners, Four Take A Trip To The Hospital

Bulls Do Some Serious Bullying On Spectators


Pic-07082013-001First off I have to say that these people are just nuts LOL, I don’t see where it goes when they are playing around and making these bulls mad and pissed off but they got a huge lesson in humility.


So you might have heard of the special events like “the running of the bulls”, that takes place in Barcelona, Spain.


And what takes place at the event is rather simple, but at the same time it is just flat-out insane.


But before I tell you what happens doing this event, it does rival another in terms of running.


So like you see in the Olympics, doing a what they call it I think the 100 meter dash, where runners line up to the blocks on the tracks and prepare to outrun the others to make it to the finish line.


While just keep that in mind, because I’m going to add this next part to it that will complete this post.


So like I said before in Barcelona, they have this “running of the bulls” event that happens during the seven-day festival of Sanfermines

Pic-07082013-003 in the honor of San Fermin in Pamplona.


They also could be held in other towns throughout Spain, Portugal, & Mexico.


Other events like the San Jose Festival which is held in places like Trujillo, Peru, Nevada, & I didn’t know but also Southern France would sometimes hold the event as well.


Now this has been a long standing tradition, that has been around since the 14th century.


Cattle that was to be transported to markets to be sold for profit was a big time thing back then, but for fun men would get the idea to challenge these bulls in a “friendly” (LOL how could it be friendly Bulls ramming & knocking the s**t out of you if they catch you) run for you life game by racing against them on foot.


And you are probably thinking right about now to yourself… WTF was they smoking LOL.


But they did this just for the fun of it, the aspects of fear if the bull catches them unsuspectingly, and these guys were probably laughing their asses off silly while doing all of this until…


Pic-07082013-006They get hammered and reemed up the a** with a bullhorn, or rammed into and the bull cracks one or two of their ribs, and not to mention that they can hit you at what I’m thinking about 25-30 miles an hour of blunt force.

Because getting hit by one them, would be like getting hit by a Chrysler 300 C automoblie you see..


So that’s saying right there that these guys like pain, LOL no doubt there.


But it is an event that has spiraled for years, and has become mainstream in some countries in the world.


I had a friend at a job I worked at, that talked about it before.


He said that if he got the chance to travel to Barcelona, that he would want to be a part of the event.


I just laughed when he told me that then I said… “Are you sluth-footed (meaning flat-footed) or not.


He said what do you mean?..


I mean if you are planning to outrun these bulls like the other 50 to 100 or more guys out there, then you better be able to “move-out” quickly and not let them catch you because if one of those bulls get a hold of you LOL.. Then you can just call it a day right there.. 😦


He says of course to me, “They’re not getting me I can manage.”


And I said, “Yea I sure hope you can.” haha.


And that’s what happened in Pamplona, Spain, where a lot of guys just got a** raped and tossed around like rag-dolls, when the bulls got a hold on them.


The guys were running along a 848.6 metre track course (almost a 3,000 foot course), and it didn’t stop there because the race had broken out into the streets in the northern city part of Pamplona.


Pic-07082013-004What had prompted this unexpected race, was fireworks that frightened the bulls and they just started charging out after the people.


A spectator from London said that he was there with some friends when the outbreak of bulls just went chaotic. And he said that he and his friends didn’t realize the size of these bulls. He also added that it was one of the stupidest vacations that he and his friends had ever done.


After it was all over 4 people were hospitalized, and no one was skewered by any of the bulls. LOL they were lucky I gotta say that..


But check it out below in the vid I’m leaving see ya…


P.S. “If you are going to run with some bulls, one thing you don’t wanna do is to be wearing a red shirt while doing so LOL.



(Video Credit: BestNews 2013)



Bulls Knocking Over Runners, Four Take A Trip To The Hospital


(By: Jaye Irons)

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