Inmates Go On “Food Strike?”

“Food Not Wanted Here, Not Even Steak


Pic-07102013-001Over 30,000 inmates at a California prison, decided that they were not going to the food lines for “chow”.


Now this does sound different and usual, but yes.. It is a reason that these inmates are not grabbing a food tray and munching down.


And it seems that this is not going away no time soon.


That is because, it is a protest.. And the protest is “directed” at solitary confinement.


And the treatment of inmates at the Pelican Bay State Prison”.


Now keep in mind, there is anything from gang bangers, to really serious other types of offenders that are residing in the prison cell units.


And they are serious, LOL they even skipped the daily routine that is called “breakfast”.


Pic-07102013-002So they are not kidding around it seems, but the pressing issue is the treatment of these inmates over a span of a few years.


Pelican Bay has been through this before, matter of fact this is the third prison strike that they had experienced.


The prison guards are baffled, and the warden of the facility is left clueless.. I guess they are thinking to themselves, they gotta eat sometime sooner or later right?


That is true, I’m sure that they do realize that, so they are only cutting out certain eating times in stage of the protest.


The overall idea of it, is signify the mistreatment of prisoners at Pelican Bay particularly inmates in “solitary confinement”.


And you know what happens in solitary confinement, think about the movie that was just kick-ass good “V” for Vendetta.


I remember the part where Natalie Portman was taken and locked up in solitary confinement, and she didn’t have anything to eat I think.. I have to take a second look at that part, but I do know one thing she was all alone.


Pic-07102013-003And that’s the point to solitary confinement, it tests the psychological part of the mind just being alone for what can go on for weeks on end.

 (solitary confinement cell: picture left)

Plus the fact that you can’t move around much, because you might be put in a hole, or a f**ked up holding cell where there is dozens of rats running around you 24/7. But is that really the case?..


Then think about food, when in their do they punish them by giving them barely anything to eat?..


Don’t get me wrong of course, these are inmates that probably done some really fucked up s**t in society..


But they are still people, and they gotta eat. Me myself I can’t stand to just sit back and see someone starve to death, the s**t isn’t cool and that’s just how I see it.


But in the case of these prisoners in solitary confinement, I can’t say really.. It would be something that the state would have to address.


Because the criminals don’t have any rights because they have committed whatever crime (Felonies), so many of their legislation rights are already tossed out the window. Well… As they so say. 

That right there is what I’m thinking, so trying to rally for a strike would be rather dam difficult I would think.


But who knows, maybe they might be able to have this issue addressed but to me it seems uncertain.


(Video Credit: fpontario)



Inmates Go On “Food Strike?”


(By: Jaye Irons)

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