Adam Sandler Jump On By Cheetah?

Paw Paw Cheetah Cheetah..


Pic-07112013-001Adam Sandler was out in Africa on a film shoot that is to be done for the movie Blended”.


While he was out in Africa, he was asked something that most probably wouldn’t jump to do right away.


He was asked to help feed a Cheetah, yea that sounds fun and safe LOL.


So right off I’m going to lay out a few things about Cheetahs.


Cheetahs are unique looking animals,a lot of people really take notice to them because of their spots on their fur coated skin.


Pic-07112013-004And they are more so like predator type of animals, they will chase after rodents for food amongst other things that they see.


It is reported that they can run up to 110 kilometers an hour (65-70 miles an hour).


But the thing cheetah are also known to be shy in nature, and they supposedly are not known to attack people. Unless of course provoked..


They are also become an endangered species in Africa, because of the conflicts that farmers have had with them intruding on their land and going after their livestock (sheep).


So farmers will hunt and trap them, and using methods to poison and kill them off.



And if that keeps up, sooner of later they might not be around anymore.


Hopefully that’s not the case Cheetahs are relatively harmless, and they have the right to be here on this planet like every animal does.


But in the case of Sandler and this Cheetah going off on him situation, I don’t know.


I seriously doubt that he would do something to provoke the animal, maybe it just got spooked and just reacted on it’s instincts.. Sometimes animals will do just that, especially if they feel threatened.


Pic-07112013-006Sandler also shared his experience about the situation on the David letterman Show”, and he told Letterman about the “private safari” that he embarked on see the Cheetah.


Now this next part is what I mean about an animal’s instincts.


Sandler was given the chance to feed water to the Cheetah by use of his hands, so he bent down getting in close proximity (close range) next to the animal’s water and I’m guessing it was a water dish maybe.


And that’s where the Cheetah then pounced on his back, so maybe the animal thought he was going to steal it’s water I’m thinking LOL.


The trainer had to then hurry to remove the Cheetah, before it might have gone too far and serious injury could have occurred to Sandler himself.


Sandler did however remained calm though the whole event. He did state that even though the Cheetah could have eaten him, he wouldn’t fight it back..


But I have to say this, that’s why I would not volunteer to feed a animal because I look at it like this.


It’s an animal’s food LOL, and I feel that a professional trainer should feed it the proper way.


I don’t mind tossing say a piece of meat to a animal if that is what they are allowed to eat (depends on the animal of course), but getting up close & personal when trying to feed it. LOL sorry but not going there.


There have been situations where people have gotten killed like that, so that you have to keep in mind. No offense to all of the Cheetah out there 🙂


They are fantastic animals, I’m just not trying to get up close on one to feed it with my bare hands haha..




 Adam Sandler Jump On By Cheetah?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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