‘King of Queens’ Star Leaves The Church of Scientology..

Leah Remini Skips Scientology Church..


Pic-07122013-002Leah Remini is the girl that plays on the sit-com hit series “King of Queens”, and I remember her also on the sit-com Saturday morning show back form the 80’s “Save By The Bell”.


On that show she played the character Stacy Carosi, who was portray as Zach Morrison’s girlfriend.


So she has been involved in television for a long time, and I didn’t know that she was on the other show from the mid-80’s called Head of the Class.


Even though I don’t remember ever seeing her on that show, I’ll have to line that one up with “V for Vendetta”  because I still have to go over the scene where Natalie Portman gets put into solitary confinement in which was referenced back two posts ago.



But this story is rather different and complex-ed, so here you have this actress that is on a very popular TV program at the same time she was a member of the “Church of Scientology”..


Now this is a touchy topic, and I remember hearing the same thing about someone asking actor Will Smith a question like that.


Smith relied without hesitation to that answer… NO!  But the truth to that was, Smith was a ‘former’ Scientologist as well.


And I started to think to myself at that point..


Pic-07122013-004What is up with this whole thing about Scientology?


Well Scientology was created by the guy back in the early 50’s, that guy was L. Ron Hubbard.


Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Hubbard an author?.. I do believe so because I remember hearing his name from when I was a teenager in high school.


He had thoughts and theories of “Deja Vu”, and this one commercial that would come on that I would see was talking about reliving a past event.


So I just did some “mental-digging” in the old noggin, and thought about that commercial again.


(Dianetics Commercial ‘Classic’)  


It was a strange commercial I might add, but I think that had something to do with his beliefs and the creation of this system of his called Dianetics”.


Yea ok that is it, “Dianetics” I remember now, that was things that he would talk about in his book.


And it would discuss things like what happens after death, or reincarnation, spirits, stuff like that etc.. etc.


But Leah Ramini was apparently apart this group (other rather more like a cult), that had it’s own belief system that was “based” off of Hubbard’s ideas & philosophies.


And the way Scientology works is rather weird in itself.


It teaches people to believe that they are immortal beings, who have forgotten about their true nature.


So I guess that means, if a person dies they come back as another being or insect.. And maybe they don’t quite remember who there were before but that they have memory fragments that can kinda piece “hidden” truths to another past life??.. 


(H**l I’m just taking a stepping off the plank over shark infested waters but another plank catches me type of a guess on that one).



And from what Remini was saying, she was tired of all the interrogations and thought modification after she throw a hard-hitting question at the leader of the Church David Miscavige.


Dam that sounds kinda deep you think?..


But it has ties with Remini’s family, that has been with the Church for a long time.


And after Remini questioned David Miscavige about his wife Shelley Miscavige, not attending Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 2006 wedding ceremony.


Things from there went quiet for Remini, as she was on the blacklist at that point and it was done by the Church that she has been apart of for a long time.


And what’s equally odd is the disappearance of Dave Miscavige’s wife, that has not been seen around since 2007 since anybody who last saw her.


But after 5 years of “thought modification”, Remini said she had enough.. She has now turned away from the “Church of Scientology”.


And it doesn’t look like she is going to revert back to that congregation in this life-time no time soon LOL.


(Video Credit: jswift3000)




King of Queens’ Star Leaves The Church of Scientology..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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