Pippen Had To See That One Coming…

Like Triple H Would Say, You Never Saw It Coming! (Pippen)


Pic-07142013-001Well most people do probably see this coming, I did 100 % all the way. But remember the shuffle that took place at a restaurant, that Scottie Pippen was at with his family and a crazed fan just kept snapping pictures?


And the part where Pippen asked the guy NOT to snap anymore photos, and then Pippen turned and cold-cocked the guy in the process.


Well that crazed fan is back, but this time not with a camera in hand.. But rather a lawyer in his employ, because he is seeking a lawsuit for what had transpired that night at the restaurant with Scottie Pippen.


And let’s be honest right here and right now, you know if anybody that is a “easy target”, it would have to be celebs plain & simple.


So let’s see who has been a target so far..

Scottie Pippen Leah Remini Taylor Swift James Cameron
Crazed fan just kept pissing Pippen off, ny snapping a barricade of photos after Pippen tells the guy to knock it off.Guy doesn’t stop, Pippen knocks the s**t out of him.

Pippen is now facing lawsuit.

She got fed up and walked away from the infamous “Church of Scientology”.But will she be targeted by them, is unknown.

The Church of Scientology is “notorious”, for digging up personal info on people and releasing it out to the public against that person’s wishes.

The “Westboro Church”, made ugly comments targeting Swift as being a “hoer-monger”.Saying statements, that she jumps from guy to guy.

A blanted attempt to discredit Swift it seems.

Swift so far has not rebuttal back to their comments & statement thus so far.

Targeted by Roger Deen for allegedly stealing his “ideas”, that Deen says Cameron used to create the box office movie hit “Avatar”.Cameron won the case in court.

And Cameron was also previously targeted about his movie “Avatar” before by others that said they had the ideas before he did.

Yep, just seems like everybody is just lining up to take a shot at a celebrity like it’s going out of style..


But in cases like Pippen’s, it’s obviously a “money venture” that this guy is seeking. And yea Pippen was just doing what he thought was right protecting his family from a “crazed” nobody that keeps following them around snapping endless pictures with his cell phone.


That’s why I think being a celebrity kinda bites, because you have to watch your step in everything you do.


It just takes one little slip up (no matter the circumstance), and you become a “easy target”.


So Camran Shafighi 49, is the one that Pippen will have to meet in court over this dispute.


And so far it was said the Shafighi, did not provoke or fight back during the confrontation between him and Pippen.


Shafighi claims that Pippen escalated the attack against him, which left him with a broken tooth, bloodied swollen mouth, & head injuries.


But on the other hand, eyewitnesses tell a different side of the story. Because they were saying the Shafighi was hurling “racial slurs” at the former Chicago Bulls player plus they said Shafighi seems intoxicated, plus Pippen himself added in the police that was filed about the situation.


Pippen said that Shafighi had spit on him, and was calling him out of his name (racial slurs).


Pic-07142013-002But the rest of this will be continued in court, and Shafighi is looking to pull in a hefty $4 million from this lawsuit. But that’s if he wins the case, so be looking out for this story to learn more..


 Man.. What ever happened to the good old days, and all that Pippen had to worry about was winning championships along with Jordan..


(Video Credit: GrantlandNetwork)



Pippen Had To See That One Coming…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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