Flight Attendant Dies From iPhone Electrocution?

iPhone 5 Attack? WTF..


Pic-07152013-003This one just comes way straight out of left field. So there is a flight attendant was electrocuted by her iPhone 5 cell phone, yea you just heard me say that.


This has got to be one of the most weirdest type of accidents I could possibly think of.


But you have to sit and think about this for a few seconds, because I’m still trying to figure out how can a smart phone shock someone to death?..


Well that is the case of a 23-year-old young lady that was seemingly electrocuted by her smart phone.


Now I know smart phones can hold a little juice, but enough to ‘taser shock’ you to death.


That just seems a bit hard to swallow, real hard..


But from the report of what was said about the whole incident, the woman was charging her phone and then her phone received a call.


Pic-07152013-004She went to answer the phone, and she was electrocuted and died as a result.


Apple Inc. is now investigating the whole situation of the events that transpired, and the social media users in China are advised not to use their cell phones while it is being charged.


So this bring me back to the original question.. How did this happen, I mean people have probably jumped on the cell phone while they were being charged (most are guilty of it) I’ve done it before.


But I never heard of anything like this until now, so I’m thinking this about the situation.


Maybe this girl’s phone had some type of a exposed wire inside of the phone, and unbeknownst to her she probably like most people would not even think of anything like that to happen.


Guess a lot of smart phone users know better now, but I also thinking about this girl’s family.


I’m pretty sure they are going to file a suit against Apple Inc., I mean it is a “messed up” situation that Apple has to be just left standing there looking baffled themselves saying… WTF? How could this…


Yea I’ll finish that sentence with the magic word and ask by starting out with any vowels, “Yea Pat can I have a “h”.


Pat Sajack: Sure Jaye.


Me: What about 2 “P’s”.


Pat Sajack: Alright Jaye there you go 2 P’s..


Me: Yea I’ll like to solve it now for $5,000, is it “happen” Pat..


Yea so Apple has got to be feeling lost & confused on this one.


But this does seem very odd for this to happen, it’s unfortunate that a young lady’s life was taken in the process.


This puts Apple in a very tight spot no doubt, makes you wonder what will happen next in terms of safety measures of their retail products from here on out.




Flight Attendant Dies From iPhone Electrocution?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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