“The Illuminati Project”

“Society Is Left Blinded


Pic-07162013-001People have been hearing more and more about the “Illuminati”, and they have been linked to a lot of controversial rumors about what they are really all about.


So I was surfing through the net, and came across a video with Prince in it talking about ideas of a “hidden agenda” in America.


Now if you remember the post I did a while back, about Nikola Tesla and the story about his inventions.


The most noted one is of course, the death-ray particle beam”. Now when Tesla was still around back then, he had many people taking 

Pic-07162013-003interest into his inventions and ideas.


Especially individuals like Adolf Hitler, because during World War II when Germany was a power house force to be reckoned with and fronted by it’s leader Hitler.


Hitler still had to have known that he would need an edge, if he was going to actually try to advocate his plans for “”world dominance”.


Because if anybody is thinking that you can take over a whole planet, with just a few hundred armies.. Think again..


But Hitler had tanks, airplane fighters, state of the art contrabands (weapons) etc, etc..


But he was still missing an “element”, and the answer was Nikola Tesla and his workings and knowledge of producing an actual “death ray”.


Tesla already had scared the shit out of Thomas Jefferson, who had employed Tesla to come work at his “electric company” but when he saw the overwhelming potential and vision in the mind of Tesla.


He rejected him, out of fear because he knew that Tesla was too smart and advanced for his own good.


But that didn’t apply to Hitler, because he knew if he could get his hands on that “death ray” (tesla ray). Then the world would be at his total mercy, but Hitler didn’t get the chance to fully “integrate” his plans for the weapon into his arsenal.


Pic-07162013-002And that’s was because, he committed suicide at the decline of WW II (World War II).


Now you’re saying… OK, but what does this have anything to do with what Prince was talking about, and the dealings of the “illuminati” and it’s secret plans..


Basically a lot.. Prince was saying when he was a kid, that he would see jets fly over his town.


And these jets would then make long “chemtrails”, that they would shoot out into the air.


He said then after a short while, the people in the town just started to fight.


Pic-07162013-004He goes on to say, And you really didn’t know why”..


I even remember seeing that in one of the old “Captain America” movies, where these jets had come out and started shooting out chemtrails.


And it seemed harmless to the people down below, but after a few days they started rapidly aging.


They would die within a week’s time from old age, unless the antidote was provided to reverse the effects of it.. And of course the Captain found the antidote and cured the people. 🙂


So now look at the controversial things that are going on with this illuminati theory.


They are a secret group that is basically behind what you would call (a secret genocidal faction), that has only one thing in mind… They want to “wipe-out”, the majority of society, start everything over, and rebuild from and structure what you would be called the “NWO”.



And again it’s not the “NWO” that use to come on World Championship Wrestling, on Monday night nitro back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.


This is the NWO that the “illuminati” is pushing for or their (New World Order) agenda, and they have been dumbing down society”.


When you put it all together like I just told you, it does seems rather uncomfortable and creepy when you think about it.


So what’s next, who really knows..


Check out the video below though, and you might find more answers to all of this that is seemingly hidden to America..


Oh yea check out the part about the reference that Prince says about the “other” founding fathers that were before George Washington…


Yea that one might have made a few eyes open very-wide right after that sentence just said LOL.

 (Video Credit: NephiliumObjects)


The Illuminati Project


 (By: Jaye Irons)

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