“Illuminati 2nd Part Of The Story”

Illuminati Revisited..


Pic-07172013-002Ok I was looking over a video that gave me more insight about the infamous illuminati..


And I do have to say, it was tripped out to the max, filled with a lot of crazy ideologies, suggestive notions, and a lot of satanic practices and rituals.

 (even the ‘beloved’ lady holding the lit torch that appears before the movie starts, is a “satanic symbol”… Dam what other ‘secrets’ that are cleverly hidden right in front of people’s faces?)

Now the thing is about these guys, is their leaders that “basically” established the group or rather cult or sect.


So these guys are the “founding fathers”, of the cult itself and it might mess with your head (unless of course you are part of the illuminati group yourself), and you might have a much different outlook when you get a closer look into what they are all about.


Pic-07172013-001And the leaders where just way out there with their beliefs and values, the way they view the world, the way they criticize the world and others, and they feel that everybody on the planet that is not singing the same tune to what is dictated by the illuminati, should be persecuted (killed off).

 (Aleister Crowley young adult : picture left)

Now it does seems very disturbing to hear this, but it is something that needs to be discussed about I feel so hence the post that is being written as I “hash out” the details.


Prince‘s conception about the illuminati, was just the tip of the.. Iceberg is too small for that sentence, ok I’ll make one up.


Was just the tip of the Mountain top.. yea that sounds large enough LOL.


His ideal about the planes flying over-head across towns, and shooting out chemtrails is a sound theory indeed.



He was saying ‘indirectly’, that the government is not in our favor.


It never has been.. And it sure in h**l never will be. Especially when I lay out some things about this clouded mystery of the on-goings, of the satanic cult group and the things that they say that will have you sh**ing in your pants and that’s not meant to be funny.. It’s just a fact.

Aleister Crowley

Believer In The Workings Of The Occult Group Illuminati

The Great “Beast” 666 (which he is referred to by most) Aleister Crowley was born into wealth, his family had money. But Crowley was not contempt with his (silver-plattered) type life style. At a young age, he would show interest into the group that is wrapped up in so much “controversy” called “The Illuminati”.

Illuminati: which means “holders of the light”, was a given term by Lucifer himself. 


So if anybody was wondering what the name means when you hear that word, you know it means just pure evil.


Crowley was just one of many that was involved with this group, and they would do some really twisted things that many would probably bend over a garbage can and just let loose the puke juice.


Pic-07172013-005And the inner workings of the group was equally disturbing, because it involved people in high places, either in politics, religion, science, & the kicker even some of the former CEO’s of the “White House” was apparently a part of it as well.


Starting to feel disturbed, I don’t blame you much and yea.. It’s more to follow..


I remember back in 1988, I was in high-school, and we had a visit from Arnold Schwarzenegger & George Bush Sr. that was running for the presidency back then.


And the weird thing about George Bush Sr when I watched the video last night about the illuminati, and Bush’s apparent ties with the group itself made me question the “over-all” security of the country itself. It was suggested also that Bush Sr. wasn’t who he appears to be, (watch the video and you’ll see.)


So it is no secret about what his Son Bush Jr. that was believed to have had a hand in which involved millions of people losing their lives in the tragic events of 9/11. And until this day, a shroud of huge controversy still hinges after that horrific day.


Those that couldn’t see it, were not “deemed a threat”, but for those that knew what was going on (I mean people who were on the 

Pic-07172013-009far inside of the facts) were told to shut-up and not say anything or it could be severe consequences that would follow as a result.

 (Osama Bin-Ladin & Saddam Hussein : picture right)

Even when Saddam Hussein was brought down, it wasn’t because Hussein was committing, genocidal crimes. It was the fact that he was looked at by the illuminati, as a “big-time” threat. And the same goes for Bin-Ladin.


Because remember the illuminati wants a new world order, so they do not want anybody to challenge them in any way, shape, or form to stop them from doing so.


Pic-07172013-010You might be starting to see the whole picture, now that I have pointed that key phrase out to you.


This doesn’t even include the speculations about UFO’s, God, the Devil, or believe it or not even technology in terms of it’s true origins.


I talked about the death ray, and how Hitler was so desperate to get his grubby hands on it. Thankfully he never had the chance..


But he too had ties with the illuminati, most people probably didn’t know that and the list gets longer & longer.



The watergate scandal, had ties with it in the shadows so the people where completely being lied to about Nixon’s true reasons for being a part of one of the biggest presidential scandals of all time. Nor Nixon’s membership with the illuminati.


Then there were just things about theories of the appearance of UFO’s, Roswell’s ever so popular “Area 51” that is so “top secreted” that even the iconic cartoon super-sleuth “Secret Squirrel,” could not even begin to try to squeeze a walnut out of even if Atom Ant’s life depended on it.. LOL s**t.


Oh yea the famous “alien autopsy”, that was shot by video footage back then LOL.. I think you know the answer to that if it was real or 


And yea even NASA, plays a part in all of this LOL.. Have you heard why they would not even think to go back to the Moon? Yea that’s a whole different story all together right there..


So do this, watch the video and make your own opinion as to what you really think about the secretive society, and then think about America and other countries’ agendas.


The agendas that they have for us, our future, and if we can do anything about it to stop it..


Listen before you watch the documentary, if you don’t have the stomach to what you will being seeing and hearing then don’t watch it.


Ok I think I touched up on enough about this topic.. See ya later..


(Video Credit: jswift3000)



 Illuminati 2nd Part Of The Story


(By: Jaye Irons)

4 thoughts on ““Illuminati 2nd Part Of The Story”

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  3. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead
    of that, this is excellent blog. An excellent read.
    I will definitely be back.

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