Rae Dawn Chong Trash Talks Oprah Winfrey!

So What Brand Of Weed Was She Smoking?..


Pic-07192013-001Rae Dawn Chong is a very sexy female, I remember when this girl was in the movie The Principle in which she starred in with Jim Blueshi.


She also played in the movie with Arnold Swartzenegger called Commando, back in the 80’s.


And she is best known as the daughter of Tommy Chong (from the “Cheech & Chong” movies), back in the day.


Chong was always the quiet and seemingly cool actress, but LOL that all takes a backseat because she apparently has a problem with another “mega-superstar”..


Pic-07192013-002And that would be Oprah Winfrey, that’s right she was lying in some comments about Oprah’s past movie roles preferably the character that she played in the movie “The Color Purple(not to mention how she kinda threw Oprah under the bus with comments that just got touchy).


And the comments that Chong had thrown out there, were coming off more like fighting words… So here’s some of the things that she was saying that I know Oprah has gotta be sitting back with her arms pretzel crossed big-time.


Chong: “She was lovely on The Color Purple”. It was after when I did Commandoand I was starring with Maria Shriver‘s husband in the movie. That’s when she was a total bee-yotch… She just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive. He didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me on her talk show..


Chong (compliment 1st): “You gotta respect her, no matter how vile she is, ’cause ultimately she’s all about Oprah and she’s boring.


But aside from that, you gotta kinda go, “Hello, hats off, you’ve done an amazing thing. You have actually shifted the DNA of the universe.”


Chong (compliment 2nd): “We have to give her props… I have to stop and say this woman is a miracle and I respect her and I say ‘kudos to you’ and I don’t give two cents about other parts of it.


She shifted the DNA in terms of our thinking of a woman of a certain size and a certain shape.


I love her for that. I don’t care what she’s about, I don’t care that I know her ins and outs. I just think that she’s done a lot. I love her for that, because we are in the struggle”.


Chong (ugly insult 1st): “If you look at the way she looks… 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper, luckily. She wouldn’t have been a housen*@%r, she would’ve have been a fieldn*@%r. Let’s be really raw here.”


Chong (ugly insult 2nd): “She’s so enormously insecure. If you wanna distill Oprah Winfrey down to her most basic components.



She wants to be beautiful… The thing that’s really great about Oprah that you can’t take away from her is that she’s a great brown-noser.


If you were in a room with her, she’ll pick the most powerful person, and she’ll become best friends with them.


When we worked with her… she was that fat chick that was the… wannabe cheerleader in school that was the student council president, that was best friends with the principal.


She was that fat chick in school that did everything and everybody loved her.


That’s Oprah —- love me, love me, love me.” – end quote.


Now I have to step back and take a good look at the comments that Chong had dropped down on Winfrey like a atom-bomb.


So I’m thinking to myself, is it jealousy that is rearing it’s ugly head from the least most unlikely person that they are to be coming from

 which is Rae Dawn Chong.


What Oprah Winfrey had done to piss the girl off, who knows really.


But the way Chong was slamming the s**t out of Winfrey, was very extreme and uncalled for personally.


But Winfrey has not yet responded to the harsh ‘onslaught’ of words that come from Chong.


But maybe she will say something, because that verbal abuse given here by Chong was so far over the like in basketball this would be what you call a ‘out of bounds’ play.


This should be interesting indeed now that Chong has played her hand, tossing the first pitch. The rest remains to be seen from Oprah Winfrey


I’m sure Winfrey is watching all of this from what Chong is saying about her, just wonder when will Oprah say back..


(Video Credit: 1051BreakfastClubFan)



Rae Dawn Chong Trash Talks Oprah Winfrey!


(By: Jaye Irons)

2 thoughts on “Rae Dawn Chong Trash Talks Oprah Winfrey!

  1. I actually AGREE. Oprah is NOT as nice as she pretends to be. Her own father said she lied about her upbringing and that she was terribly spoiled. And for those of you WHITE PEOPLE that say light-skinned “blacks” were in the field – it’s not TRUE. Only the very dark-skinned people worked in fields because they were more so seen as animals than lighter-skinned people. She DOES have the right to identify as white because genetically you are whatever your father is (her father is half-white and half-Asian). Black men who sleep with white women and have biracials children are actually producing NEGRO children.

    Identity is always through the father.

  2. Actually back in the times of “slavery”, it just wasn’t the Masters having their fun with the female slaves.

    On the flip side the Madams (their wives) that knew about what their husbands was doing, was having their own brand of fun as well.

    They had as much opportunity as the Masters, to have sexual relations with slaves that would work inside their house.

    And that could happen when the Master was away, attending to other business.

    So yea when you think about the chances of “interracial” babies being born back then, the possibilities would be present on both accounts (in terms of cheating on one another).

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