“Cee-Lo Green”

Gnarls Barkley (St. Elsewhere)..


Pic-07202013-001When I first heard of Cee-Lo, honestly I didn’t know who in the world this guy was. Then I asked some people who is this Cee-Lo guy anyhow, and they just looked at me like they were looking into the depths of deep dark outer space LOL.


So I looked at them like they were on something, or maybe they had a mind-short circuit thing happened to them and they forgot tot tell me about it.


They said to me… “Dude what planet have you been hiding on, Cee-Lo is the guy who does some tripped out music that you have heard of on the radio no doubt.”


So I said… “No, the name doesn’t ring a bell or sound familiar to me at all.”


So one of the guys then took out his MP3 player, and played one of Cee-lo’s tracks..


The song started up with that beat that did sound familiar to me, and the words came out…

  • I remember when, I remember when and then it crossed my mind.. It was just something special about that place”..

So then I said..


Yea I know that one, that’s the song called Crazy!”


And the guys was like, “Yea man, if you don’t know that song, then something is wrong with you for real”..


So I joked back with them and said, well I don’t listen to a lot of rap. Just some of the songs that really catch my attention.


Pic-07202013-003Crazy” was one of the songs that caught my attention, I just know who sang it so I guess that Cee-Lo is that person then right?..


And they said.. “Hell ya man, that guy is a “genius” with the stuff that he comes out with in his songs.

 (CD cover to “Gnarls Barkley” left featuring “St. Elsewhere“)

That was a while back when I last thought about Cee-Lo, but then today somebody brought him up in a discussion.


And it brought back that moment again, now I did have a Gnarls BarkleyCD back a few years ago but lost it.


I bought the CD after I kept hearing “Crazy” being played, like it was going out of style (it was widely popular a few years back).

Now this is the thing about some of the other songs, that I heard Cee-Lo singing out on the CD.


One really caught my ear it had the title of a popular TV show back then called St. Elsewhere”.


It was some hospital TV show back in the 80’s, but Cee-Lo’s song has the same name and matter of fact it was the cover name for the hip-hop group “Gnarls Barkley” when their debut album came out and they were on CD’s.


Pic-07202013-002Cee-Lo Green (Cee-Lo’s full stage name), had some “off-the-wall-type-of-beats” and ideas for his material in the songs he did.


Danger Mouse”, was the guy (songwriter & producer) that helped Cee-Lo get his outrageously “badass” music idea to flow.

 (producer “Dangermouse” pictured right)

And it just caught on like a fever, fans loved the material that was present in their songs.


So take a listen to one of the ones I liked St. Elsewhere”, by Gnarls Barkley..

(Click below to watch)

Gnarls Barkley “Cee-Lo”

Cee-Lo Green


(By: Jaye Irons)

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