Avengers 2 “Sequel Movie” (Age Of Ultron)

Will They Screw This One Up Or What?


Pic-07222013-001Hollywood just does not have an idea about Marvel Comics, in terms of “Comic Book” conversion to movie, or another example is the Resident Evilmovie series that they have produced or some time now.


So here’s the thing, they just don’t have a clue as to character ideas that either goes into the movie and ‘certain’ concepts that they just seem to miss all together.


Like when they did the Incredible Hulk”, LOL I had to sit back and laugh about that one because of the size of the Hulk himself after he changes from banner into the feared “green creature” that has been around for years in both comic book and the original TV series when Bill Bixby played as “mild-mannered” Dr. David Banner”.


Pic-07222013-004In the original TV series he could grow to be about 7 in a half feet tall, he had the super strength of course, healing factor, and a few other goodies in his super power suitcase that was displayed in the TV show series.


But in the movies today LOL, he grows to be almost 20 feet tall, can jump 2-3 miles, can run 150 to 200 miles an hour?


And that’s the problem right there you see, because that is Hollywood’s ideal of the Hulk. They tend to exaggerate what he can do, and even in his appearance.


Pic-07222013-008They did the same thing with X-Men, they got the concept of Wolverinewrong because for one Wolverine is not 6 feet or 6 feet and one inches tall?


Hugh Jackman that portrays him in the movie, is a great actor no doubt. But the concept is still off, Wolverine is actually 5 foot 4 inches, or maybe 5 foot 5 inches. But he is clearly much shorter then 6 foot 1 inches however tall Jackman is.


Let’s not even get started with Resident Evil LOL, first off from what I know there is no character named “Super Alice”, again this is Hollywood’s input of what should be in the movie itself.


Pic-07282013-001Most people don’t know it but “Resident Evil” was a game first and foremost, which came out on Playstation back in the 90’s, and while some of the characters in the movie are in the game they did throw in a character like Alice that isn’t in the game.


But I know why they did it, they want the movie to get enough press to have people want to go and check the movie out.


But they make up stuff sometimes in the movie, just to sell it off better and turn a huge profit and as a result what happens?


They f**k up a great movie in the process that had some “potential”.


This especially applies to any of the super-hero type movies that have been coming out left & right lately.


Spiderman the new one they messed up, or rather they seem to always mess him up badly either way you look at it LOL.



When Toby Maguire took on the role for the famous “web slinger”, he did it pretty great..


But then came the “sequels” from the other side of Hollywood’s dark treasure chest of horrors, and f**ked it up eventually with part 2 with “Doc Oct”.


Even though I have to admit part 2 wasn’t all bad, but stopping a train with a whole bunch of webs all over dozens of buildings. Spiderman??..


I don’t think so LOL, he’s strong but he’s not that strong.


If he had the “Venom Symbiont Suit”, then ok. But just regular Spider-man himself, nahhh sorry I don’t think so.


That scene is just another example of how Hollywood will stretch it just way out there, beyond a characters limits.


Oh yea the new Spiderman sequel, they already messed it up because “Electro” the new villain in that one concept is wrong.



LOL think about it also, I never saw the original Incredible Hulk stop a train from the old school series. So you can kinda see my point on this. The new Hulk yea he could do it but again, Hollywood says now he is nearly 20 feet tall with ridiculous strength.


So yea who couldn’t stop the train then right?

Captain America Iron Man Wonder Woman Hollywood
(Except for the 70’s version, the rest are messed up) ( New Movie) (TV show series) (Super-hero Concepts)
All The Way Wrong

So when will they get it right, LOL maybe never. Hollywood is just so clueless, it’s not their fault they try you know but it all just comes out…








And that is called if you arrange the front letters correctly. FUBAR  

Maybe they might do the Avengers Sequel right they seemed to do a good job with the first, and “Avengers” part one got mixed reviews but most people did love it.


Alright guys have a great day..


(Video Credit: ShartimusPrime)



Avengers 2 “Sequel Movie” (Age Of Ultron)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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