Sometimes It Can Just Really Suck Being President..

Just Not Obama’s Week…


Pic-07242013-001President Obama it seems has been getting put through the ringer it seems as of late, and it has been starting to come from the least unlikeliest individuals.


Actually to put it frank, these individuals are celebrities…


Yea I know, Hollywood and seemingly Politics have been clashing into each other over the last week big time..


Why you ask?.. Simple..


Pic-07242013-003It has a lot to do with the verdict that was passed during the George Zimmerman trial.


And there were a lot of protests about the verdict that was finally decided for this trail after it had ran it’s course over some time, and when the verdict was confirmed it ignited and sparked off riots, a lot of chaos, and it left a lot of people questioning the justice system of America.


As a result of the verdict passed, civil right activists, took to the scene and conversed with President Obama.


They urged him to take action and to speak about the verdict and the acquittal of George Zimmerman.


Now this is why being a President can sometimes place you in between how they say it… A rock and a hard place..


Because it’s not just the fact that Obama is President, and the angle that will centered around him was a given from the start.


So after the verdict was rejected by civil right leaders, it obviously then became an issue over “race”.


Everyone had to have known that if Zimmerman got off of the case “scott free”, then it would be some ugly backlash from the black community.


On the other hand, if the trail went the other way and Zimmerman was charged with 1st degree murder, then it would have been some ugly backlash from the white (and more likely the hispanic community as well) community.


So either way you look at it, Obama was f**ked, he was just in a bad place on either account.


And whatever comes out of his mouth, to try to correct the issue.


Would just spark off more “controversial debating”, over the topic..

And what happens after what I just said…


Actor James Woods jumped into the debate over the trial decision, and he was really p’ed off good over the comments that Obama was putting out to the public.


So Woods went on Twitter, and blasted out Obama’s comments.


But this is the thing about that with Obama, he was urged to speak out about it. So what would happen if he didn’t speak out? Would Woods have said anything about the case then?


Maybe, maybe not..


So here was the comments that Obama shouted out, then that will be followed by the comments that Woods shoots off on Twitter 

Pic-07242013-002after he listened to what Obama had addressed to the public..


At a ‘certain’ point of Obama’s comments, had got under the skin of the Hollywood actor.


President Obama: “And there are very few African-American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. That happens to me, at least before I was a senator.” – end quote.


It would be at that point, that Woods had heard all he could stand and decided to get on twitter and said this in response..


James Woods: “The only reason people lock their car doors when Obama walks by is they are afraid he’ll tax them to death.

 The race issues in America that have bedeviled this nation for decades could be greatly resolved with JOBS and EDUCATION and SKILLS TRAINING.” – end quote.



But Woods did miss a key point, and that was slavery.


It was a shameful time and a dark blemish spot in American history, a history that many Americans choose a lot of times not to touch up on in topic discussion.


But I will say this, and this holds true to everybody in America.


Americans need to wake up, stop hating each other for their race, color, or creed, because really it just gets so f**king tiresome.


You see I have been watching and looking at people’s actions towards each other when ever race comes into play, and it can tear people apart inside out which then distances them apart from each other.


And that could have been a person of great ideas, knowledge, a chance to share something with a people of another race or color.


Pic-07242013-004Isn’t that’s what America is supposed to be about?


But people just deny each other that chance, over and over and over again, because of either fear or blissful ignorance that they let block them at every turn.


Imagine what God thinks about all of this, think about why Jesus died for us.


So far from what I see, it’s for nothing because people just don’t get it…


It’s shame, it really is.. I don’t know maybe people will just never really be ready to accept each other for who not what they are. Alright later people.. 


(Click Here to read more about Woods’ comments after Obama’s comments)


Sometimes It Can Just Really Suck Being President..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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