Amanda Bynes Parents Getting Control Of The Finances?..

Bynes’ Parents Taking Control Of The Piggy Bank..


Pic-07262013-001Well I don’t even think that Triple H never saw this one coming.. Because apparently now after all of the crazy fiasco frenzy the Amanda Bynes have gotten herself into, her parents felt that it was time to step into the scene.


So as many know, Bynes is a child actor that was once charming and had talent in comic-strip acting.


Her most noted work was on the popular show back on Nickelodeon or rather it was called the “snick” prime-time shows that she starred on, and that show was called All That”.


Pic-07262013-003In case you miss the title I just said it LOL. And it was a spin off I would say of a show also on Nickelodeon back in the early 80’s called You Can’t Do That On Television”.


You Can’t Do that on Television” , that show was rather weird and just plain out there in terms of young comedy in those days.


But I was watching it when I was a kid, and it was OK.


And whatever you do on that show never say either water or anything else that might pertain to a ‘key word phrase’. If you say the secret phrase you will get slimmed I think out of nowhere.


Or you might get splashed with water… It depends on what you say.


But back to Bynes and the situation with her parents coming to visit her, they went to a psychiatric hold where she was detained at.


And I’m sure at this point with all of the stuff that this girl has been going through, they have to now step in to help her out of a bad situation.


How all of this started was after Bynes had set fire to a stranger’s driveway, with the help of gasoline (wonder if she listens to The Doors”, you know the song that goes “Come On Baby Light My Fire). LOL


Aft6er doing the dastardly deed, she then tries to wash her Pomeranian (whatever the h**l that is somebody tell me), in a nearby liquor store in the employees bathroom and then jumps into a cab fleeing the area.


And let’s not forget all the other episodes of drinking while driving, smoking marijuana while driving, and her erratic behaviors.

But Bynes parents have had enough, and now they are taking measures into their own hands.


Pic-07262013-004And those hands will be that which will dictate Bynes finacial earnings, or in short the parents will be managing her money.


Now that I have to say sounds a little either or, because if you remember Gary Coleman and what his parents tried to do to him with his money.


It was f**ked up, his parents pretty much robbed him “blind” as a kid, and didn’t care if he knew about it or not.


Eventually Coleman did find out about his parents abusing his finances, but it was too late and the damage was done.


They winded up going through millions of what he earned mainly from the popular show “Different Strokes “, and as a result he was broke for a long time in his life therefore after.


So it would be interesting to see what will happen in that situation will her parents do the right thing or will they become what Coleman’s parents where and that’s golddiggers.


Bynes also has been going after other celebs, putting up all strange types of postings about them.


Not to mention her weird poses that she has been doing in front of the camera herself, putting on tripped out wigs, seriously strange mirror poses with crammed on make-up, it’s sad to see.


She has talent but it’s like the old saying goes, some celebrities just can’t handle fame. And at the same time be able to focus in a normal life.


All anyone can do now is hope that she gets herself back on track, because it would be a shame to waste her career for nothing..


(Video Credit: Famous Stupid People)


(Click to see even more about what she has been doing on TMZ)



Amanda Bynes Parents Getting Control Of The Finances?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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