3-Way Slice: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Flavor Flav’s Business Flop, Sam Simon Is Dying..

Jake “The Snake” Falling Down Hard..


Pic-07272013-003I use to be plucked right in front of the TV set every Saturday morning around 10’o clock to 11 am, watching WWFSuperstarswrestling back then.


And it would be an hour of wrestling fights, some trash talking, and the wrestlers putting on a great show winning over the fans either in the audience or those like me at home that were watching on TV.


One of my favorites was Jake Roberts, and he was a rather “off the wall” type wrestler that had a feitsh for large pythons.


And these aren’t the pythons that people usually refer to as “big arms”, these were more like huge snakes.


LOL most people just freak out when a snake crawls it’s way in the scene of any situation, and Roberts would usually bring one with him to the ring or even better he would bring a big bag.


So this was part of his gimmick you see, he would fight the match in the ring, then catch an opponent with his finisher move which was a DDT.



After he would get the 3 count while the opponent lay there in thr ring stunned from the finishing move, Roberts (and this was the best part) would then slither his way over to the bag and loosen the rope around it that was keep the snake from getting out.


And he would pull the snake out and walk over to the opponent that was still down, and draped the snake over him LOL.


The wrestling opponent would roll around on the mat in total panic and fear, until they would roll out of the ring running away back to the locker room backstage area. It was just hilarious.


At that point Roberts was “iconic”, and the fans just went nuts over the scripted act whenever he wrestled they expected to see the snake called “Damien” at the end of the match and used in the manner of which I just told you.


Pic-07272013-004But I saw a video last night about Roberts, and it pissed me off. I’ll put a link in to it just before the video that shows Roberts turning his life around.


Matter of fact when I did see that first video of him, I was thinking to myself why is Roberts even still trying to wrestle?


Because he didn’t look like the Roberts I knew, at all.


It looked like somebody else all together, and it wasn’t cool.


It just comes a time when even the greatest of performers, are just way past their prime years and they try to stick with an act or gimmick that has been just put to rest some years ago already.


And that’s what I was seeing last night in that video, so I would say check it out for all you wrestling fans out there.


But Jake “The Snake” will still be one of my all time favorites, along with Rowdy Rowdy Piper, Perry Saturn, and some others.




(Video Credit: 1WrestlingVideo)




What Is Up With Flav’s Restaurant…



Pic-07272013-008Flavor Flav had decided to open up a food chain restaurant called Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs”.


The food chain establishment was out in Detroit in the suburb of Sterling Heights.


And it was opened only a few months back, and then closed only a few months later.


So of course one would ask why was it closed so suddenly?


The reason for that is that Flav had apparently failed to give up the month’s rent for the business, which had then put him at odds end with the landlord.


Plus the landlord had taken Flavor Flav to court (after filing a suit against him for the extra money that was demanded for his business), and it was a amount for $20,000 that the landlord was seeking to collect.


But what really put Flav’s business into an utter downslide, was the $3,500 dollars that he also owed for the month’s rent.


And after all of this went before a judge a the court ruling, the judge then ordered for the establishment to shut down.


After all of that had happened, the next thing was U-Haul trucks that were seen driving back and forth removing various items from the restaurant.


And it hasn’t been good for Flavor Flav, with the restaurant business.


His previous attempts ended up the same way,..


He opened up an establishment in Iowa with the same logo name for the restaurant (minus the ribs part on the end of the name of it), and the same for his attempt to open one out in Las Vegas.


Both in which closed in 6 months of there operation time as a business.


It was suggested that Flav just have been choosing the wrong business partners, and that can be a fatal mistake when trying to run a strong establishment.


Then it was the matter of the fact of the food that was been served when it was open for business, one of the customers said that the chicken was very greasy and they would rather dine at Arby’s instead.. OUCH!!

But there were quite a bit of other customers, that did like the cooking that was done at his establishment.




I don’t know Flavor Flav better start choosing the right partners if he is going to try to get his restaurant off the ground successfully.


And he has to make sure that the food is prepared correctly, because nothing is worst then pissing off the customers.


It will kill your business quick, but best of luck to the former “Public Enemy” performer.




Sam Simon Co-Creator Of “The Simpsons”


Pic-07272013-013The Simpsons” it seems like that show has been on forever LOL (almost 30 years), and I still remember when the show was in it’s “early stage” run on another show back then that a lot of people tend to forget about.


To make it finally clear to the public, “The Simpsons” was NOT a off an running anitmated series show.


It started off of another show that would have these “animated short skits”, and that was a few minute interval time slot run for “The Simpsons”.


This would usually take place on “The Tracey Ullman Show”, and it was on the FOX TV network.

And the cast of the characters that do the voices I’ve seen them on other shows that also was on FOX at the time, shows like Herman’s Head which was one that was popular then.


Pic-07272013-011But I never thought about the writer/producer of the long running animated series itself, Sam Simon is that guy that takes on that role.


And he has had enormous success because of “The Simpsons”, but now he is facing a hardening fact in his life right now.


Simon was diagonsis with “terminal cancer”, something that is very unfortunate for anyone to endure.


So he decided to give back to charity, taking up the case for animal rights, helping to feed the hungry, and donations to PETA which is another pet charity organization.


The Sam Simon Foundation is said to be worth $23 million as an estimated value back in 2011.


And another one is called “The Sam Simon Center”, which is a rescue center for children, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


So the guy has not been stingy when it comes to giving back to the community, some stars or big time producers could care less.


It is fortunate for many that Simon has helped out many, that needed something to turn to in time of need.


So for the next few months, he is spending more of his fortune for other causes involving charities.


Simon seems like a noble individual, I’m very sure many will miss the famous producer of the highly popular animated show big-time…


(video Credit: ARMon Quwaymantisdale)



3-Way Slice: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Flavor Flav’s Business Flop, Sam Simon Is Dying..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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