Christopher Hitchens: And His Powers Of Critique…

Hitchens: “The Critique Master”…


Pic-07292013-001Christopher Hitchens was well-known for his ability to dissect just about any individual in terms of his uncanny gift to feel out a person’s thoughts and beliefs, through his sharp wit in terms of analyzation and criticism.


Hitchens was an outspoken atheist that would tackle different topic situations, and he has publicly humiliated important individuals or public figure-heads just by the use of simple “gift of gab” (ability to talk a situation into his favor pushing his point of view by force).


But make no mistake, the guy was smart and he knew how to push people’s buttons especially politicians, he also expressed viewpoints towards religion and literature.


Those viewpoints could be either be used to criticize, or bring up controversial episodes of debating that Hitchens would cleverly control in most conversations.


And the guy was just flat-out bold, when it came to making a point valid.


He have done this against figures that are famous and respected in the public eye, by means of whatever methods that they live by.


But in his eyes, that might be just plain rubbish.


So here is a list of people who Hitchens has either pissed the f**k off or discredited those who were deceased or still living over the years..


  • Mother Teresahe called her a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.

  • Bill Clintonhe wrote a book called No One Left To Lie To”, addressing Clinton’s attitudes being in the control seat especially as President. And referring to him as a “psychopath”.

  • Lady Diana- during a point in time, Hitchens mentions that England has gone through a “cultural revolution” and angles that theory under the watch of Princess Diana.

  • Pope Benedict XVIHitchens suggestion that the Pope has not made a solid impact for the promises of change for his followers, while seated on the throne in the Vatican.

  • Henry KissingerRefers to Kissinger as a classic “dictator”, or rather a war criminal in whom he associates with the events of Vietnam.

Hitchens was just the type of person that liked to analyze, understand by use of criticism & skepticism, and would then form stormy debates between other parties either in politics, war, religion, public figure heads etc..


It was a wonder to know how many people who might have not cared for him much, and a wonder of those who did.


He was also known for his work creating and writing 12 published books, plus 5 written essays.


One of his very popular books God Is Not Great”, sold over 500,000 copies..


Hitchens died in December 2011, the cause was esophageal cancer.


He was known as being a heavy drinker and smoker, which was emphasized as the cause of his death.

 (Video Credit: Belzer1978)


Christopher Hitchens: And His Powers Of Critique…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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