Bloomberg Struggle For Soda Pop Ban Is Curved

Bloomberg Is Not Amused…


Pic-07302013-001Well it’s official, the soda pop ban is now history due to the ruling of a Judge‘s decision in court.

(Bloomberg’s famous “poker-face” laugh technique, what he really is thinking “You dirty bastards, I’ll pass that law someday!“)

Michael Bloomberg is very pissed of about the decision of not banning large soda pop drinks, so that means that the every so popular 32 – 64 oz. sugary loaded drinks will still be around in full force.


And for all of the sugar lovers out there, I know they are gleaming with utter joy.


And it is a wonder to why the ban did not make the cut, becoming an “established” law in New York.


And again that was because of the Judge’s decision to waive it, thus denying for the law to take hold.


So in the Judge’s opinion on the matter, it was deemed “unconstitutional” therefore the almost put into effect law of discontinuation of the over-sized drinks was kicked out the window.


If the ban would have taken effect, it would have included other establishments like..


Pic-07302013-004But it was thrown out, only a day before it would have taken effect in New York.


So where does this leaves Michael Bloomberg, frankly he is not giving up that easy.


He ‘vowed’ to take a stand against over-sized soft drinks, because of the growing problem of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems that is linked to them.


Bloomberg simply said in a statement that people are dying everyday..


And I agree that may be the case, but I also look at it in a different shade of light as well..


You see this is America, now supposedly we have the freedom of choice, speech, and free will.


But lately that has not seemed to be the case, the government is notorious for handing out any ‘additional laws’ that is already in our life.


So how come we need more than what we have already?..

I think everybody should have a right to have a 32 or 64 oz soda pop, and I know that sounds off the wall crazy but guess what…


Pic-07302013-002It’s by that person’s choice, or rather their given American right to say..


I’ll take a 64 oz Dr. Pepper please”…


So see that’s what makes America what it is making your own choices.


Now me personally drinking a 64 or even 32 oz LOL that’s not for me, but again then it brings up the fact that I just said..


It is by my choice, that I do not want a drink that large.”


But hey what can you say that’s the beauty of living in this wacky country, all types of crazy s**t that just happens day-to-day.


And It kinda just grows on them after a while and sadly enough for most Americans, it does not phase them anymore. Scary..



(Video Credit: NeedToAwaken)



Bloomberg Struggle For Soda Pop Ban Is Curved


(By: Jaye Irons)

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