Misconduct Issues Leaves: People Pissed At The Airport

Airport Security Fiasco..


Pic-07312013-001Most people know the drill when it comes to flying the friendly (or) unfriendly skies, and it is considered a bothersome routine can sometimes literally cause for a person to exit the airport in just utter frustration. What is that you say?..


The utter frustration part, is going through the metal detectors better known as scanners, that has just left people stuck in “combat mode”.


Amongst all of the drama that usually goes when passing through detection scanners, is the claims that people are steadily making.


They can go anywhere from claims of being touched inappropriately, to embarrassing monitor scans that may reveal too much of the person’s physical shape in full detail.


And let’s not forget if kids that have to be searched by security (god forbids if the parents claim their kid was fondled during the search process), all I can say is yikes because that is a “lawsuit” just waiting to happen.



So basically the “prime” focus is on TSA or (Transportation Security Agency), they have been hit with a truck load of complaints from airport travelers claims that has been pushed to nearly 30% in the last 3 years.


About 9,600 related cases has spawned as a result, and the obligations stem from ‘employee misconduct‘.


Another part of the problem is the X-ray machines, that are used to scan fliers before they board the planes.


I remember a while back they were talking about possible dangers that can come as a result, when going through these scanners.


Being exposed continuously, will cause health hazards as from what some reports suggest.


But the focus is really on the “misconduct claims” of the employees taking advantage of individuals (what they see when a passenger steps into the scanner itself) who are told to expect a X-ray scan as they pass through the walk-way terminal.

Or the “pat-down” procedure..


Pic-07312013-003Today TSA told Congress that it will crack down any type of misconduct that is demonstrated by employees, that monitor passengers that pass through the X-ray scanners.


Other misconduct by employee were more of the typical stuff like, attendance but both screening & security have been put in the ‘spotlight’ from all of the claims made by passengers.


The GAO (Government Accountability Office) had issued reports that reviewed a lot of claims made by passengers, but information had come out about the GAO not releasing all of the database claims that was filed by passengers.


And the TSA does not have a proper discipline policy, to emphasize upon their staff members.


Makes you wonder then, how do they discipline their staff members if something like this should arise.


Another thing is that TSA is not known for winning over the public, especially during the events of 9/11.



TSA had received some very serious criticism regarding it’s security, and as a result that could be another reason for staff members not showing up for work which then becomes an attendance issue.


An office was created as a “penalty determination”, which is tethered to the TSA.


And the purpose of it was to rate the level of any violation or misconduct of the employees, during the screening and pat-downs procedures.


All I have to say about it is that it must really suck to work as a security personnel, at an airplane facility..


(Video Credit: RTAmerica)



Misconduct Issues Leaves: People Pissed At The Airport


(By: Jaye Irons)

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