Police Chief “Cannonblasts” Obama & Kerry Over Gun Laws..

Gentlemen Set Your Cannons!”


Pic-08012013-001A rather pissed off Police Chief, has some choice words for the current 44th President of the United States.


President Obama LOL just can’t catch any breaks, especially ever since tax hikes, unemployment, and frustrated people in this country that just pretty much had enough of the set-backs that have been witnessed so far.


But this time it’s gets personal, because there is a Police Chief out in eastern Pennsylvania that went viral in a video done up for Obama and a few others.


Mark Kessler is the guy that has been hitting the internet airwaves with videos explaining the f**k up situations that is going on the U.S. right now.


And he didn’t pull any punches, the guy just came right out and “cannonblasted” a lot of highly well-known people as well as everyday citizens that do not agree with him about the gun law viewpoints that he thinks should be set..


So let’s take a little listen to what Mr. Kessler was sharing with the public and others in attendance of viewing this post today 🙂


Kessler: Fuck all you libtards out there… yous take it in the ass.”


I don’t give a f**k what you say, so you can all go fuck yourselves. Period.”


Wow this Kessler guy is pretty down and deep, when it comes to making a point LOL.


And there is an “armed revolt march”, that was scheduled but later disbanded by libertarian activist Adam Kokesh who planned to rally up individuals to march in protest in Washington D.C.


Kessler wasn’t planning to take part in the march, and maybe he did the right thing there because the Kokesh that was trying to set up the rally march is now in jail for drug charges.


Pic-08012013-002Kessler did decide to rally up his own group of protesters to march for a different cause, and it looks like that might take place in September even though it is not yet confirmed.


Then came the videos that Kessler threw out there to the masses, taking aim at Obama and John Kerry of the Obama administration for supporting the United Nations trade treaty.


And the laws were pretty clear and “targeted” anything from, organized crime figures, to trafficking of illicit weapons to terrorists.

Now all of this that has been going on over the heated gun law battles, prompted Kessler to

Pic-08012013-004take further action.


He decided to form a group called the “Constitutional Security Force”, and they are not a militia group but they rather take a stand for the gun laws in the U.S. and the right to bear arms (Americans right to protect themselves).


So it definitely seems that this gun law issue, is not getting put to bed anytime soon.


And Kessler is a “die hard” advocate, that is going to see this through to the end.


So sit back and take notes boys & girls, because the firearm wars are just getting ignited..

Oh yea I didn’t forget about Kessler bringing out the cannons on Obama & Kerry, so just tab down a little lower and you’ll see an 


authentic, epic, and classical… 


Courtesies from Kessler to Obama & Kerry …




Police Chief “Cannonblasts” Obama & Gun Laws


(By: Jaye Irons)

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