Spectators Standing Watch After Power Plant Explodes..

Power Plant Demolition Gone Viral..


Pic-08052013-001Ok this is something that I just don’t understand, and it is something that could have been avoided if you ask me.


So there was this power plant, out in the southern part of California that was to be decommissioned.


And that means it was to be destroyed, and the usual way would be to just rig everything up with explosives and just have at it.


In the early morning hours just before the power plant was on schedule for demolition, 1,000 people were there on hand to witness the plant’s destruction.


After everything was set, the explosives were then detonated and the demolition process was underway.


But something went wrong during the demolition process, as dangerous debris was tossed violently toward the spectators that were 

Pic-08052013-002standing watch of the event.


A 44-year-old man was hit with the debris which then severed his leg, police had heard the man screaming after being hit the debris.


Lt. Scott Tunnicliffe of the police department address further details about the man that was caught in the dangerous debris, and it was reported to Tunnicliffe that the man might lose his other leg also due to the serve injuries that he had received from the shrapnel debris.


There were also 3 others that were injured, but it was only minor injuries that they received.


The power plant was decommissioned back in 1986, and has been sitting on the property ever since until the demolition of it this year in 2013.


I was thinking about this topic somewhat, and thought about this when it comes to any type of demolition projects that might underway.


And I know that when a building or business, etc., is up for demolition, it can be pretty dam dangerous.


Even in the movies when you see how buildings are blown-up and it comes crashing down, if there are people present I bet your bottom dollar they will be scramming and running like hell to get as far as they can to avoid getting caught in the midst of flying structures.


In this case of the matter, you are talking about a power plant, so this larger stretch of land meaning there is more opportunity for someone to get injured or killed if they are too close in range.


And then you have to think about the amount off TNT (explosives), that will be used for the project itself plus that much area to cover.


They probably should have considered pushing the safety range further back, and this could have been avoided.


I feel sorry for that guy though, he will be confined to a wheelchair. Dam that sucks, but he was still lucky to be here after that.


But they really need to plan out something like building deconstruction, if they are going to be using explosives while planning to have witnesses in the area watch while a building structure is to be brought down.


(Video Credit: Rage guy)




Spectators Standing Watch After Power Plant Explodes..



(By: Jaye Irons)

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