Brazilian Government Corruption: Protesters Fight Back!

A Conflicted Situation Gone Viral..


Pic-08072013-002Out in Sao Paulo hundreds of thousands protesters came out take a public stand against the Brazilian Government that has lied and failed it’s people.


And up until now the situation has been getting extremely heated, and frustrations have been increased due to the fact of a Government that has taken so much away from it’s people already.


Now is the time for protesters to make a point, and the only way they can do it is by showing support and forming unity amongst themselves.


This past Saturday had a big turn out, but not like last week Thursday where the estimated amount of people that came out to protest 

Pic-08072013-004was at 1 million strong.


And the thing is many people might ask… So what is the real focus behind all of the protests?..


Like the conditions of America in terms of tax hikes, or like in Chicago where you have schools that have closed denying kids the chance for their education rights to learn because of the situation with frustrated Teachers that are not getting paid enough to survive and make a deceit living.


These are just some of the problems that the people in Brazil are dealing with as well, transportation fares, not to mention poor and inefficient services that are making the people scream “corruption cover-up” that is displayed by it’s Government.


Even popular events like the “World Cup” FIFA games, are set up to drain people’s money by having the tickets priced too high and the thing is this is not coincidental of the raising prices that just have people outraged and pissed off.



Most of the corruption and deceitful behavior goes to the Federal District Governor Jose Arruda.


His hidden agenda to continually steal money from the people of Brazil finally came into the light, as a video was captured of him dealing some dirty politics.


Was caught on video apparently showing Arruda and his allies taking money literally from under people’s noses, stuffing money into bags & socks as well as lining their pockets with the people of Brazil own money..


And it doesn’t stop their, kickbacks, low-level shakedowns, and of course like how most basic Governmental corruptions usually happen there is greed & favor-trading that goes on behind closed doors leaving many people of Sao Paulo just “clueless” about what exactly their Government is all about.


Even for the school programs for kids are controlled by officials, that demand revenue to be given to them under the table to keep it 



So yea even education is a definite issue for kids in Sao Paulo. And it mirrors the education costs in most parts of America…


So it will come down to this, the people of Sao Paulo, are going to have to fight!!


And they will no doubt be fighting hard, to stop a corrupted Government that is pushing hard for ‘reform’.


My buddy Eda Michiles was telling me about all of this, because this is a serious issue that she is faced with like many others in Brazil today.


I just hope they can change things around for themselves, and force their Government from their corruption, deceitful, and greedy attitudes and beliefs against them but only time will tell the outcome.

 (Video Credit: Truthloader)


Brazilian Government Corruption: Protesters Fight Back!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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