“Mr. Church Is X’ed Out Of Expendables 3?”

So Why Go See The Movie Then?


Pic-08092013-002Expendables was a badass movie when it first came out, Sylvester Stallone LOL seemingly after all of the Rocky sequels (not to mention Rambo parts infinity), just does not get enough of the silver-screen limelight.


I had to give it to Stallone though, it isn’t a lot of old-time actor / actresses that really care to take on various movie scripts once that get into their 60’s, but you have the exceptions that just have a drive for the business.


And Stallone along with others like..



And maybe one or two others except for Jason Statham, yea he did some great movies like Transporter, or The Bank Job”, and even The Mechanic”, even though I like the original “Mechanic” with Charles Bronson better.


But Statham isn’t up there in age yet LOL, he still has a long way to go before getting into his “Golden Years”.



But this is pissing me off, and it goes back to what we just got done talking about how Hollywood messes up a potentially good movie.


Pic-08092013-003The thing about the new movie “Expendales 3”, that is suppose to come out later on when I don’t know yet.


But Bruce Willis will not be appearing in the movie this time around, and that is because of “money issues” in terms of what he wants brought to the table in order for him to play the character role (Mr. Church) that he did in parts (1 & 2).


Willis play as an “CIA Operative” in his part for the movie, but when asked to take up the role again Willis wasn’t to quickly to “ponce” on the offer.


And I guess that is because he has done a lot of “Box-Office Hit” movies over the years, and when a big -time star has basically done it all at a certain time and point.


They might start thinking to themselves that they know they might still be in “high-demand”, so they figure why not get more money for their buck. LOL.


That’s just how some Hollywood stars think about it, and you can’t blame them they know they are worth it so there it is..


But if they are planning to how you say.. X out (Mr. Church) better known as Bruce Willis, that would kinda suck.


Because the character was that was introduced to the part, might give the movie a that “element” that will be now missing from it.


Pic-08092013-006I’m sure people will still go see the movie, it is action-packed chaotic fun of course.


But I know some people might say.. “hey where is Mr. Church At Dammit !!”


But other then that, the movie should be fine you still have a lot of “old-school” powerhouse characters in it. So yea I’ll have to check it out anyway!”, and I suggest you check it out also when it hits the silver screen or red box…

P.S. (it isn’t fully “confirmed yet if Willis might turn down the offer so you just have to wait and see..)


(Video Credit: BeyondTheTrailer)



Mr. Church Is X’ed Out Of Expendables 3?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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