Eiffel Tower A Attended Target?..

Dam Is Anybody Safe From Terrorists Today?


Pic-08102013-001Well the going thing now in the war on terrorism, I guess is targets. And recently you heard about the attack that was planned for the Olympic event that was set to be held in Russia in 2014 by madman terrorist leader Doku Umarov, which pissed off Vladamir Putin.


But Putin (which I like to call “Batman” in disguise haha), is just not going to tolerate any “mayhem” at the planned event.


But this is just an example of what has been transpiring in the world of terrorism as of late, and who can forget about the events in the Boston massacre attack which is just another aspect of terrorism as well.


The focus now is on the infamous “Eiffel Tower”, which just yesterday was under alert for a bomb-threat scare that was discovered the during afternoon hours of the day.


But it wasn’t anything found thankfully, and the tower was re-opened on it’s normal schedule for people (especially tourist) to 

Pic-08102013-002explore it and enjoy sights through the city from the tower’s 3-floor platform levels or from the (steps).


The tower itself stands about 324 metres (1,063 feet) tall in height. So you could imagine if they actually was a bomb threat, it would be very devastating if it was to fall or if the explosion itself could send debris flying at far distances striking people or even killing somebody instantly.


The tower has been around for over a century now, it was being constructed back in 1887 and finally finished in 1889.


Pic-08102013-004And it even has been through World War II, so yea it’s been through quite a bit of history.


To have it destroyed would be just wrong… But that’s how terrorists are right?


They don’t give a s**t, they just want to prove their point one would guess.


What they may be thinking doesn’t make sense to most people at all (me definitely included in that statement).


But you will always have been nut-jobs out there that are unhappy with their life, so they rant and raving stuff like that idiot Adolf Hitler, or a bigger idiot like Joseph Stalin would say… “Death too All That opposes us!”


Hitler was a f**cking idiot, LOL he could never conquer the “Eiffel Tower” and he had to take that fact to his grave hahaha.


And I look at him or Stalin the same dam way, a terrorist and nothing more.


But nothing else about the tower facing any type of danger thus far, hopefully it stays that way..


Because after all, I never been there yet.. So maybe someday you know.




Eiffel Tower A Attended Target?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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