Oprah Winfrey Has A Unbelievable Racial Profiling Encounter..

A Case Of Unidentified Identity?..


Pic-08112013-002LOL this is kinda hilarious, because of the fact that a main-stream television/movie/talk show host icon was “racially profiled” at a shopping establishment out in Zurich, Switzerland.


And what I didn’t understand was that how could these people at this store not know who in the hell this particular celebrity icon is…


The person of course that I am talking about is none other then Oprah Winfrey.


So Winfrey is out shopping at this store in Zurich that she went, and saw this handbag that was very pricey and expensively looking. But it was something that had caught her eye, and she had to simply have the item.


So the rule goes like this, if it’s something that you want, and you have the money you buy it right?


Well in the eyesight of the store assistant, had felt that the item was way over Winfrey’s price range to buy it.


And even told Winfrey after making their mind up about selling the item to her, telling her that she would not be able to pay for the item.


I’m sure at that point, Winfrey gave the look to the assistant right after telling her the magic words… “you Wouldn’t be able to afford that.”


Pic-08112013-004LOL telling Winfrey all of this, after the woman just got done making umm.. What about $77 million in one year.. Hahaha, yea that’s rich comedy right there.


And the reason the Winfrey was out in Switzerland in the first place, was to attend a wedding that her friend was having. And her friend is Tina Turner, who is yet another African-American celebrity icon.

(I see Turner is holding a handbag in the picture ummm… Wonder how much it costs. LOL.)


But as a result of the store clerk’s actions, jumping to conclusions that Winfrey had no business even to think about purchasing the $38,000 dollar handbag.


An apology was then handed to Winfrey for all of the misconception, that had transpired. Even though Winfrey did leave the store after the situation had unfolded later, when the tourist office in Zurich apparently gotten wind of all of this.


I know this has to be very embarrassing for the clerk, let alone the store that Winfrey was going to buy the handbag from. They probably wanted to make like a camel, and place their head in the sand after that LOL.


Because again I’m thinking, how in the h**l could you not recognize Oprah Winfrey of all people. Unless they don’t know about her show, that mostly everybody does in most of the world.


And do they watch any type of celebrity news, because remember I did the post about Rae Dwan Chong, snapping off about Winfrey making some highly-racial remarks about her being a field n****r.


That one sparked off a lot of hate retaliation against Chong, after she relayed her comments to talk shows and the media had a field’s day with that who topic..


 I don’t know, it seems like being Oprah Winfrey is a little bit of a challenge but of course not by far.


She is filthy rich indeed so I don’t think the insulting comment that was addressed to her by the clerk or in the case of Chong’s comments, I’m sure she is laughing her way to the bank.


And pulling in 77 million in a annual-year’s time, I don’t really think she cares haha..





Oprah Winfrey Has A Unbelievable Racial Profiling Encounter..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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