Joe Arpaio Allows His Deputies Access To AR-15s

Deputies Granted Usage Of AR-15s (24/7)


Pic-08122013-001Joe Arpaio apparently has had enough, he is taking action against the fight of violent criminals that have been getting completely out of hand to the point where law enforcers are almost backed into a dark corner.

So what is a Sheriff to do?..


Just let his be town overrun with criminals, that feel like they can strike fear and intimidation into the hearts of the people in Maricopa County as well as the police force itself.

He doesn’t seem to think so, in fact he has reached his limit in going by the (good ol’ law book of justice.)

Arpaio is aiming to “fight fire with fire”..

Pic-08122013-003So he made it clear in the county of Maicopa where he is sheriff, he is giving his deputies the flexed authorized powers to go pretty much past “deadly force”.


He is basically giving them the power to walk on the same level as the men and women who serve in the armed forces, this of course is regrading the ‘whole’ gun law tenure that has been roughing some feathers big-time across America.


And like you had saw the video that Police Chief Mark Kessler had posted on the “net”, he also made it clear about gun law rights belief and pushing the issue for Americans being able to possess highly powerful contra-bands (weapons) for the sole purpose of protection.


And this topic has been up for talk for a long while now where gun laws where to be “regulated” by the government, and changing the laws all together for not just gun owners but this definitely includes gun distributors that are left “crying wolf” that will kill their business in a licky – T – split second.


And usually from there s**t hits the fan, because then others will come out either by news media, or the CEO of the U.S. himself and other head figures that will throw in their “two cent” viewpoints as well.



This then all becomes a circus, and it doesn’t get shut down no time soon..


But Arpaio made it clear and didn’t hold any punches back about it for the statements that he let loose about his deputies, that will have the authority to carry AR-15s (24/7).


So they will have the fire power in hand to now do some malicious justice, if anybody in their city steps -out-of-line.


And I guess it eventually would come to this, in these times people are just “not giving a dam” about their lives anymore and this of course is addressed to the criminals out there in society that are “at large”.


So Arpaio’s viewpoint would of course favor most people who believe in fighting the fight fair when it comes to dealing with criminals.


Arpaio like Kessler might catch some heat from gun law officials, that will in no doubt “challenge” their verbal actions as to what they are implying.


But let’s face it, it just situations like this that will make you take a step back and be forced to look at it from many different angles.


And two of those angles include your safety, as well as your family’s safety. 




Joe Arpaio Allows His Deputies Access To AR-15s


(By: Jaye Irons)


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