“So What’s Up With Apple’s iPhone5S?”

Apple’s Takes Their New Toy Out Of The Box..


Pic-08132013-001Apple has been showing off their new phone toy which is already turning the heads of “cell phone” lovers all over the world.


So here we are right in the middle of the cell phone technology age, and her Apple is with it’s iPhone 5S displayed to the masses and it’s looking pretty dam good.



Me myself (an ‘advocater’ of phones), was some what interested in what Apple is bringing to the table.


So what will the Apple iPhone5S have, that might hook Apple iPhone lovers all over again.


Well all I can say is let’s dive in, and take a little look…


Pic-08132013-003The 1st thing I was hearing about the iPhone5S, is that it will have a bigger display screen.


Now that I would definitely like is the bigger display screen, because you have to be able to see what you are doing when operating the functions on the phone effectively right?


So that is a plus in their corner right there, and from what is being said about the “resolution” capabilites of the new iPhone 5S is that it will have a doubled increase of pixel image display that will tower over the previous iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 was at 326 pixels per inch, but the iPhone 5S will be at a whopping 652 pixels per inch in image display capability which is 2X’s better.


And see that’s what I was looking for actually, a phone that can give more color and sharper image detail for pictures and video media display.


The speakers which are loudspeaker, ear speaker, plus the vibrating motor bracket, and the wi-fi flex cable, are all in different positions (rearranged) inside the phone itself. And that was done probably to enhance the projection of better sound quality while listening to videos or music with the device.


That being said, means that Apple is finally breaking away from the same previous internal design that they modeled after the phone form the beginning.


But overall design of the iPhone 5S, will remain true in it’s original model form like the previous one before it Which is the iPhone 5 model.


Even though there could be some minor internal changes, but still identical.


Then it was a ‘leak’ talking about a sim-card trays, one is in titanium Grey color, while the other is in a Kacky brown color.


Then it will take the durability strength of the phone to another level, because people have been complaining of dropping their phones

Pic-08132013-005 and breaking them.


The “new glass technology” feature to the phone might be able to curve that ‘excuses’ of breaknig the phone all together.


Then and this is the beauty part that you will have no choice but to love…


There has been talk about the phone having a “A7 chip” installed in it, meaning that a quad-core will give more memory space that consists of 2 GB of RAM.


Then if that’s not enough eye candy to make you fall over a chair with glee and say… “Give me more!!”


You might get your wish, because the phone will come with installed “widgets”.


And that means right behind that, the phone should be having an improved “UI(user interface).


In the past Apple never had widgets before, so that is a big step up in advancement for this iPhone 5S.


The release date will be in September, so be looking for this iPhone people.


Oh yea the price tag, is going to fall around the price of what the iPhone 4 did when it came out ($500 dollar range)… Yea I know dam expensive, money talks right.


But that’s about it, so just look for the phone next month because it will be popping-up pretty soon..


(Video Credit: !CrackUriDevice)


“So What’s Up With Apple’s iPhone5S?”


(By: Jaye Irons)

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