Scientists Are Now Making Green Glow Bunnies?.. WTF??

Silly Green Rabbit, Tricks Are For Magicians..


Pic-08152013-001Well it’s official, Scientists have finally gone insane LOL, and a little too far over the edge after I heard about this story that will leave most “green with envy”.


Ok so I don’t know exactly why the color green, was such a big deal.


But it is important, and it is necessary for these bunnies to appear “green” in color.


So the buzz about the green rabbit, and they are very green looking especially in the dark.


Pic-08152013-003I think the Incredible Hulkwould get pissed off, if he were to see rabbits coming out greener then he is already. Hulk Smash!!LOL…


Well it’s more to the story, these special green bunnies are not just your average run of the mill types”.


They are not even the original bunnies that they were at all (and I don’t mean because of the green color that they are sporting).


They are genetic clones of the real bunnies, or to put it simply there are the “beta bunnies” that come from there ‘alpha’ counterpart.


Scientists have cloned a whole colony of the bunnies, for one ultimate purpose.


And that is to cure people.. Yea to find a cure for people with diseases in their body.



But most people will then ask stuff like.. “How in the world are genetically cloned bunnies, are able to help us cure disease that can kill us or make us sick?”


Yea that you have to admit, would be an excellent question to ask..


Well it goes like this, the “green” that is seen on the bunnies is a direct result from what has taken place while the bunnies was still in their embryos.


This means that they have found a way to tamper with the “gene-code” of these particular animals.


And they use some type of genetic material that is injected embryos directly, and when that is done that gene is now a “marker” which comes off as a characteristic trait from the end-result.


And the kicker to all of this is that these rabbits will have the same life-span, as an ordinary rabbit does.


The only difference is that they are green.


The main secret behind the “green fur house effect”, is that the green fluorescent glow comes from a jellyfish.


So what the scientists did was take the DNA sample that was part of the jellyfish’s trait, and then injected that into the embryos, and then reinserted them back into the mother rabbit.


The same has also been tested on other animals like kittens, puppies, and yes of course monkeys (aren’t they always the first to get everything tested on…).


Pic-08152013-002And the purpose of all it is to find a way to come up with cheaper medicine.


All this may sound absurd, but so far it is sound in theory..


But if anything else is brought up about this subject matter, I will do another post about it for sure..


Ah yea they have glowing kitties now too, LOL what’s next glowing squirrel lace-up boots (velcro strapped glowing squirrels sticking to a pair of after evening wear casual boots for that night out on the town glow in the dark look..) Funny but true..




Scientists Are Now Making Green Glow Bunnies?.. WTF??


(By: Jaye Irons)

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