123-year-old man.. Could Be The Oldest Man In The World?

What Could One Do With That Much Time On Their Hands?..


Pic-08162013-004Is the question that most people would ask, if they had over 120 years of life and still living to who knows how much more.. (There have been older people living on this mud ball planet, in one case a woman who was 152 years old.. DAM!! That is old..)


This is the case of a 123 year-old man, that is still going pretty strong.


Carmelo Flores is that man, that is the topic of discussion tonight.


Now right off I have to say, that’s dam impressive you know..


Could anyone actually think of what they could do in 123 years?.. What all you have seen, and done? And what will you see and do next..


Honestly, it is very hard to think about what you will do in the next 2 – 3 years if you were 123 years-old like Flores is.


Because I’m thinking when you hit that age, time just seems to run together after so many years.


Don’t get me wrong, it is a serious blessing to still be around after all that time.


But just thinking about what Flores has seen over the years, or even if he himself can remember all of what he has seen over all of the years that rolled by him.


So you know me, I started to form theories and logic to the aspects of time itself.


Pic-08162013-006You see time is a very powerful thing, we as ordinary people can’t control it in any way shape or form (this makes me wonder if the government is hiding something like this from us) so we have to think about it or watch movies or something of that nature in order to have a remote clue about the past.


Kinda like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey”, by Stanley Kubrick.

 (epic moments Commander Bowman right, discusses the “disconnection” of the Hal-9000 super-computer with fellow astronaut Dr. Frank Poole in the classic sci-fi suspense thriller “2001: A Space Odyssey.”)

And the part I’m thinking about, is when Commander Dave Bowman dismantled to the “Super-computer” Hal-9000 after Hal purposely killed his 4 other astronaut colleagues that were part of Bowman’s crew.


With nothing holding him back after he manages to disable Hal 9000, Bowman then sets on an unexpected journey into the “infinite & beyond”.


As Bowman goes through this journey sequence, he finally arrives at this back-in-the-day old-fashioned “renaissance” room of elegance.


But he also notices something different, and it’s not just the room appearing after he just journey through some type of “star gate”.


Bowman had literally lost 15 years of time, and going through the portal of the ‘stargate’ had changed him in a ‘certain’ way.


He would age 15 years older with slightly greyish hair, then he would get even older to where he looks like he is in his 70’s.


Then if that doesn’t ring a bell, he finally hits 100+ years and then reverts back to a embryo and the process repeats itself.


  • So normal Commander Bowman (mid 30’s)
  • older Bowman (mid 60’s to 70’s)
  • ancient Bowman (100+)
  • then embryo — “Star-Child” (rebirth)


So all in all aliens, gave Bowman the secret for “eternal life” and knowledge.


Pic-08162013-003So again, this makes you think to yourself.. What could he then learn with all of this given time on his hands LOL..


So when I read a story about a guy like Carmelo Flores, I immediately say to myself.. What has this man seen after living all of those years, what did he envision when he was young, what did he think he would be at in life doing adulthood.


But most importantly, what parts of history does he remember?..


Did he know about the “Titanic” sinking in 1912.


Did he read about WWI (World War I), when that event had taken place and left it’s mark in history..


It’s just endless questions you who have to ask this guy, because he has lived so dam long LOL.. That he might have seen so so much, education from him talking would be key thing to consider listening to most definitely..


And the guy does not use a cane to walk around, and does not even wear glasses.


Very impressive I might say, I would consider that the guy could teach something to others like a book… Living through the 100’s with ease.A e-book by Carmelo Flores Laura.


LOL if the guy had business sense he could be making some money out of all of this.


But maybe he just likes living life everyday, something that most people in America here have seem to lost their belief in.




123-year-old man.. Could Be The Oldest Man In The World?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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