Area 51 Revealed, Exposes The Government / CIA Cover-up Conspiracy..

Didn’t X-files Already Show This Episode Before?..


Pic-08182013-001Agent Molder & Scully had already know about the massive cover-up, that has left a bad taste in the mouth of most Americans.

(Google images of Area 51 base) 

For years now if you have been on another planet, and haven’t realized how much the government likes to lie their ass off about anything that regards UFO conspiracy theories that comes up in question if the media gets wind of it.


When it is then talked about by the media, and the public hears about flying UFO’s being spotted over various cities across America.


The government will have some analyst spokesperson to come out and sprinkle some pepper over the situation, and try to say something like.. No no, what the public saw was a shooting meteorite shrieking across the sky is all it was really.


Pic-08182013-004Yea right tell that bullshit to Captain Buck Rogers, of the 25th century because today in these times most people who aren’t blinded to the fact of UFO cover-up conspiracies know better.


Who do they think they are kidding LOL, they had these “special” jets that can hit speeds over the sonic boom mark with ease.


Some of the technology that is in plain site are the “drones” that have been created, and they have been around various parts of the world watching and killing targets or sometimes even innocent bystanders get caught in the wake of their “destruction” in order to just kill one target.


Technology today is powerful, technology today is at most of our fingertips but has been accessible to the government for more then 60 years.


And I don’t mean average techno-gadgets, I am talking about major cover-ups like the one in Roswell, New Mexico that happened in the late 40’s I believe..


Pic-08182013-003The technology that most of us have now like smartphones, GPS trackers, bluetooth, and cars that drive themselves, just a few of the things that are a joke in the eyes of the government.


They still know that we are so behind on the “real shit” that they are working so hard to keep from you, and even if the Area 51 base is now more clearly “exposed” then before.. Does it really matter to them you think?..

 (secret airplane crash on Area 51 years ago picture)

Hell no it doesn’t, because they know the average Americans are NO Threat..


That’s why they create laws that pertain to the “patriot act”, that was put together and then thrown into the Constitution in this country with one goal..


To keep us in line, and expose any and every thing we set out to do.


Pic-08182013-002So like Micheal Jackson had said it in his hit song, I got a feeling, somebody’s watching me!”. Well basically yea, it’s true.


But hey, I just wanted to take some time out to point that out to the public.


You know stir-up the good old curiosity bones in the body, and it will make some people want to dig a little deeper into the secret base activities of this “Area 51” facility.


(Video Credit: DiscloseTruthTV)



Area 51 Revealed, Exposes The Government / CIA Cover-up Conspiracy..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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