Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..

Sleepless in Seattle, LOL Not After You Hear This Story..


Pic-08212013-001Seattle, Washington has got to be gleaming with some very happy citizens right about now, and some might say but Seattle is kinda boring, and they are still stuck back in the 80’s on either fashion or hairstyles (well that’s what my sister would tell me when she lived out there 15 years ago).


But whether that may be the case, I know one thing they are probably laughing their asses off at Illinois & California..


So the question now to that statement is why that is?..


Pic-08212013-002Well the buzz about Seattle is a topic that most would love to be able to brag about, if you lived in a city that owed some much “debt”.


Who wouldn’t brag if your city was granted the chance to be the first in line for the “highest” minimum wage increase in the history of the U.S.


Yea you heard what I just typed out, apparently these lucky bastards are getting a big fat slice of green pie..


It’s a special pie type, it may even look a little on the lime-side LOL..


That is because this will be a “revenue pie” slice, that will fatten low-wage earners in Seattle which is struggling to get a leg-up for money and strong revenue like Chicago, or other cities that are in financial trouble.


Now you know if that is the case, then you also know what will happen if the minimum wage bracket goes up the “anity” on the pay grade.


Businesses as well as job cuts, might be a result from it.


You see companies are just f**king stingy, the rotten bastards don’t want to give you extra money as an employee. And much of that is to keep money at bay, and out of the worker’s hands, all the while maintaining the company’s financial interests.


Pic-08212013-008And it’s sad because you have dedicated employees, that will do any and every dam thing that is expected of them and more in hopes of trying to win over their boss and the “company” LOL shit.. In order to get a raise or a “promotion”.


But quest what, they don’t give a rat’s stinky ass about you!!!  And that goes triple for Congressbecause you know they also are involved in the matter of who gets paid what..


This is hurtful but better you hear it here, then experience it on the job scene when you get ready to ask for that annual raise. But then you’re told that the company took a financial plunge in revenue growth, and the answer to the ‘When do I get my raise”.

Your boss may just wind-up giving you indirect answers and bullshit like if you were a guest star on “Jeopardy”, and Alex Trebek was asking you to name all of the states in Russia for the 500,000 dollar question.. LOL that is f**cking impossble, and you wouldn’t be able to do it.

Pic-08212013-009The fact is a lot of companies have changed, they are leaning towards “regression” in this country. And CEO’s are leaning towards greed, power, making some serious cash off the backs of the workers. (I wouldn’t even doubt that they sit behind those dark shielded windows, eating “Sara Lee“ coffee cake and chasing that down with one of those “starbucks” cappuccinos).. And no they will not share any with you LOL 😦

(Oh wow that’s a first, he appears not to have a coffee cake in his other hand in the cartoon above… Greedy CEO’s always have some type of coffee cake nearby to nibble on with a fresh cup of Sanka decaffeinated brand coffee haha.. While they think of ways to screw over the employees keeping them broke and overworked :-()


And before someone tries to say “not true”, I will fire back in the sentence saying Then you are “lucky ass h**l”if you are working a dependable job that is willing to pay you more for your work..


But that also makes you an exception to that rule.


But jobs in today’s world & society are cheap, unsecured in terms of ‘Job Safety‘, and the slap in that face.. They don’t want to pay you much of nothing.. But expect you to work your fingers and toes to the bone & grind.


So I guess workers finally can’t take any more of it in Seattle, but so far this is still being discussed at the bargaining table and maybe it might pass as a sanctioned law for workers out there.


But then again, it might not.. Because that final decision still has to come from the owners & CEO’s of these companies, and getting them to play ball might be pretty dam hard to do.


And if they feel so inclined about the situation, they might just pack-up and ship out to another location trying to hold on to their wage offer that was $5.75 lower to any new employees that will go to work for them.


Ending on this note, it will go through the same cycle when the new workers bring up the same scenario like the others before them..



Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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