Automation Man After Tron Came Into The Picture..


Pic-08222013-001Automan was just one of those “superhero” shows that didn’t survive long (not many do), but it was a different type of superhero program.


Come to think of it, I would say whoever came up with the idea of Tron must have had a hand in the “creation idea” for this character Automan.


I mean at first glance when you see this guy LOL, he looks computerized from the neck down.


But here is the different part I was talking about, he has a human face..


And he just didn’t pop out of nowhere like from a power-line that could have been overcharged with electricity, but he did pop out of a computer which was made possible by his creator that was on the police force Walter Nebicher.


Walter had a problem with his job, or more like he was not getting the recognition that he felt that he deserved.


His Police Chief thought he was just a joke, and would often put him in his place if he would come up with any ideas that could actually help make crime fighting on the force for his fellow officers easier.


So Walter got tired of being labeled as a “pencil-pusher” behind the desk, instead of being out on the street going up against some real crime while being out in ‘actual’ action of it all.


But in order to do this, to become a great cop, Walter would first need a partner..


He didn’t want anybody on the force to be his partner, because the Chief already had brainwashed them into thinking that Walter was a idiot as well.


Pic-08222013-004And he only really trusted this one friend on the force, which was his friend Roxanne Caldwell.


She would be the only person other than Walter to know about Automan.


Now how Walter went about creating Automan, is still one big ass mystery to me.


Nebicher is a computer programmer (a very good one), but this is the missing fragment of the creation part of Automan.


The time is in the early 80’s, and I seriously doubt that Nebicher had some really high-tech kind of equipment to actually make from what Automan says in commentary speech.. I’m the world’s first automatic man”..


So after Nebicher nearly drains the city to death setting up this sophisticated complex experiment computer program, then wah-lah appears Automan in the real world.


Nebicher then talks with Automan, and learns that Automan has a “variety” of abilities or what you would call some serious skill sets.


So this is what he can do..


  • Automan can merge someone into his body, making that person invulnerable from an attack.
  • Automan can learn about someone’s inner thoughts or any other skills they know while merged with them.
  • He can copy anything thing someone can do, and turn around and do it twice as good.
  • He can communicate with any computer or electronic device, & control electrical machines.
  • He has super-strength, but to a certain degree..
  • He can hover.
  • With the help of his sidekick “the cursor”, they can form strange holographic images like a car, motorcycle, or helicopter.


Pic-08222013-005Yea cursor was his tag along buddy from the computer as well, and could help and assist Automan with vehicle creations, or cause distractions if he and Walter were trying to get the drop on criminals crazy stuff like that.

 (the “cursor” is in the middle of holographic 3-D projection creating the “autocar”.) 

And Automan also has limits, he can only use the electrical power from a source point for only so long.


Therefore he would have to recharge himself from time to time, when he goes into recharge mode he just vanishes until he has enough power to be summoned again through the computer by Nebicher.


But find out more about this holographic superhero for yourself there’s a vid below later..





(By: Jaye Irons)

One thought on ““Automan”

  1. I loved that show when I was a kid. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I would always get a kick out it when his car would make 90 degree right angle turns, and Walter would smack his face on the side. I’m also a huge TRON fan – go figure. 😉

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